Nicole Martinson


Be a beach steward

Rather than collecting shells, bring a trash bag and litter stick or gloves next time you go for a stroll on the beach. Collecting litter from shorelines reduces the chance of contaminating the water and harming sea life.

Minimizing waste

Consider the minute details of your life and where you might have room to reduce the waste you produce and receive.

People over age 50 working longer

For many older adults, what used to be considered retirement age seems to be pushed back further every year. Longer life expectancies, limited savings and social security funds plus overall satisfaction in one’s work have resulted in an increase in the percentage of employed adults over age 55. Many older adults are considering the idea of “reverse retirement,” or delaying traditional retirement. But getting back into one’s former career field can be just as daunting as starting a new one.

A trip to Chelan

Eastern Washington is full of a variety of small, captivating and friendly towns to explore and learn about. No matter the time of year, the length of your stay or your budget, there is plenty to see and do in Chelan and Manson.

Genetic testing at a crossroads

The terms of service and risks associated with each at-home genetic testing company can vary. As with any product or service, users should read the fine print to decide for themselves if they want to have their DNA tested and uploaded online.

Growing up with Grandma

I love hearing about her life and telling her about mine, including aspirations and struggles. She tells her point of view and relates to me, using old clichés and jokes to get her point across. Grandma is 86 now; and every time I see her, I cherish her wisdom and our memories together even more.

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