I need to downsize from my current house, and I want my next move to be my last
BY JIM MILLER | April 12, 2024 at 1:22 p.m.

2024 Winning Flowers for Your Garden and Containers

Volunteer judges rate entries based on their improved performance, flavor, disease resistance, and other unique qualities related to their performance in gardens and containers


Sweet and Simple

Honey, sugar, molasses, sweet fruits, maple syrup or simple syrups can build big, bold flavor so you don’t need, and don’t miss, that extra salt in our diets that is killing one in seven Americans.

Selecting the Right Potting Mix for Your Plantings

There are some things you can do to increase your success and reduce ongoing maintenance


How to Bake Easy

How can we get the salt out of baked goods?

Taming the Stuff in Your Home

Having too much stuff can impede people from relocating or getting health care into their homes

Spring Garden Cleanup with Pollinators in Mind

As we learn more about the important pollinators, insect-eating toads, songbirds and beneficial insects, the more we realize we need to adjust some of our garden timing and methods


Bottom of the barrel? Use up your garden harvest

Now it’s getting close to spring, it's time to find new ways to use up excess winter fruits and vegetables.

Witches Can Be Right and Giants Can Be Good

Into the Woods brings together well-known storybook characters, but its subject matter may appeal to older adults in a profound way


Zesty Sauces from Around the World

Try these zesty low-sodium sauces from around the world to spice up your meals - without added salt

Tree Coverage in Cities Crucial, WA Research Shows

The work has gained greater urgency since the 2021 heat wave in the Northwest

Debt Levels and "Marriageability"

The majority believe that lying about money is worse than misrepresenting one's age

Taste the Warmth of Hearty Winter Vegetables

It’s time to relish in the bounty of winter vegetables

Starting Plants from Seeds Indoors

Keep your green thumb in shape this winter while getting a jump on the growing season by starting your favorite or hard-to-find plants indoors

Testing, Sharing, and Saving Leftover Seeds

What gardener can resist getting the most out of every purchase by saving and planting seeds left from previous years?