Adding fiber to food is not only good for you, but tastes good as well with this recipe.
BY KATY G. WILKENS | February 1, 2016 at 9:53 a.m.

Aging-in-Place Trends Affect Availability of Housing for Younger Adults

Overall, the Seattle metro's housing market is less dominated by baby boomers than the nation as a whole

11 Practical Valentine's Day Gifts for Seniors

Why not forgo the pricey flowers and get your loved one something they’ll actually use and perhaps keep using for years to come?


Romanesco — cauliflower from Mars?

These chartreuse, pointy sort of cauliflower-crossed-with-broccoli veggies are not only interesting to look at, they are delicious to eat.

Older Homebuyer Trends in the Local Market

The homebuying share of this population has been growing steadily for the past decade

Winter Weather Brings Power Outages and Cold Conditions

The American Red Cross Northwest Region is offering tips to stay safe and be prepared in potentially dangerous winter conditions


Things to Consider When Choosing a Senior Living Location

One factor to consider is where your power or attorney lives, or your family members that will visit you most often


Cranberries for winter

In Washington state one can buy fresh cranberries all winter long

Boost Your Mood with Fragrant Indoor Plants

There’s no need to visit a spa for a bit of soothing aromatherapy

Devilishly Healthy and Delicious Desserts Everyone Will Love

With many people vowing to eat healthier n the new year, here are some vegan desserts that are unapologetic in flavor and indulgence

Gift an Amaryllis for Colorful Winter Blooms

This holiday, give a gift that keeps giving and requires no dusting

Caring for Plants Overwintering Indoors

Gardeners are notorious for pushing the limits of their growing zones


Add a Rosemary Topiary to This Year’s Holiday Season

Add a fresh look and fragrance to your holidays with a potted Rosemary plant


Sweet and Sour Goodness

Mixing sweet and sour flavors is one way to replace salt in dishes.

Trend of Home Insurers Leaving States Could Impact Washington

Homeowner insurance companies leaving states like California and Florida represent a troubling trend that could impact Washington