Leigh Swanson, 67, from Bremerton, served in the U.S. Navy from 1979 to 1994

March 22, 2023 at 7:53 a.m.

Greenhouses are Having Their Moment in the Sun

The resurgence is driven, in part, by a renewed interest in “growing your own,” heavily influenced by the pandemic lockdown


Maude’s Awards Applications Are Open

The interest is to discover ways that family caregivers are making lives better for themselves and others

Aging Well Learning Community

Psssst! There's a not-so-secret store of wisdom that’s been accumulating for many years in our region.

Building Up in Seattle

Just shy of a century later, Seattle's Columbia Center became the tallest structure in Washington when it opened on March 2, 1985

Lifetime Learning Center

Spring term is on the horizon for the Lifetime Learning Center

Food banks have served as a crucial lifeline for seniors

Demand continues to grow as food banks brace for "hunger cliff" amid cuts

Is a 17-inch fossil enough to inspire Washington's state dinosaur?

Mystery and questions surround the effort to name Suciasaurus rex the state dinosaur

Seattle Resident Receives Award from Global Disaster Relief Group

Seattle’s Reis Pearson was recently welcomed into the ShelterBox USA Hall of Fame after years of service

Accessory Dwelling Units Help Ease Housing Shortage

“ADUs can fill several roles, like providing a place for an aging parent to live instead of a nursing home”

Raging Grannies Organize Seattle Chapter 27 Years Ago This Month

“Cold weather and pouring rain did not dampen our spirit as we sang,” the Grannies reported about their first performance

Retirement: Dream or Disaster

Raj has become a well-known retirement planning expert, one who created his own approach to retirement planning

Supporting Ukrainian and Russian Speakers’ Health in Washington State

"These communities needed a culturally relevant and supportive vaccination education program," said Tamara Cunitz, UW School of Nursing Assistant Teaching Professor

Getting in Shape for Older Adults with Mark Bryant

Listen to Mark on AARPs podcast, "Health, Wealth & Self"

Worthy Things

My whole body froze at the sound of his knee bumping the corner of the lamp table, followed by the shattering of glass