John Schieszer

COVID-19 News Update

"'s going to be peaking in a couple of months, June, July”

Experiencing a Much Better Quality of Life by Adopting a Self-Care Approach

Adopting some self-care techniques may reap huge health benefits

Medical Minutes

This month's Medical Minutes looks at the powerful benefits of blueberries; how smart bandages improve care; and "I'm Still Okay," a new check-in service for older adults

Covid News Updates

Researchers now have come up with an extremely effective medicine for preventing the disease caused by all known variants

Artificial Intelligence Benefiting Older Adults in a Host of New Ways

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now transforming the lives of adults 50 and older

Medical Minutes

Vitamin D may ward off dementia; electrotherapy bandages; walking away from depression

This Month's COVID News Updates

This month's COVID-19 updates include information on the potential heart benefits of vaccinations

Red and Purple Vegetables Move Front and Center

Red cabbages, purple sweet potatoes, and radishes may pack a hidden health benefit, according to new research

COVID News Updates

Hybrid immunity; loss of smell; boosters; new CDC website

Medical Minutes

Ongoing research is showing that there are significant cardiovascular benefits at 6,000 daily walking steps at any pace

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