John Schieszer

Medical Minutes

Ongoing research is showing that there are significant cardiovascular benefits at 6,000 daily walking steps at any pace

Improving Short-Term Memory with the Zap of a Laser

Researchers are now firing up their lasers to help improve short-term memory problems

Turning to Tina Turner for Transformation

Music therapy now is moving into a new realm thanks to smartphones

Making the Holidays More Blissful

John Schieszer offers some evidence-based tips to reduce stress and increase joy

Medical Minutes

Eating a handful of almonds a day can greatly benefit your tummy because almonds significantly increase the production of butyrat

Medical Minutes

Older adults who consistently get up early and remain active throughout the day are happier and perform better on cognitive tests

COVID-19 News

Positive news about boosters and long-COVID

Artist Finds His Niche in Seattle

Artist Rex Batson taught high school and college English for most of his career

Medical Minutes

This column explores monitoring health through sweat, how small dietary changes lead to big improvements and the benefits of avocados

Homesharing Turning into Golden Opportunities for Older Adults

Now, to combat social isolation, many older adults are turning to homesharing

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