John Schieszer

Homesharing Turning into Golden Opportunities for Older Adults

Now, to combat social isolation, many older adults are turning to homesharing

Positive Updates on the Fight Against COVID

The vaccine was found to be 90% effective

Covid News Updates

Here is some good news on COVID research

New Advice for Preventing Monkeypox in Adults 50 and Older

Adults age 50 and older now are being called upon to keep track of the spread of monkeypox and to make sure their kids and grandkids know the facts

Breakthrough COVID-19 and Other Updates

A new study has found that some individuals weathered the stress of the pandemic better than others, in part, due to their genetics

Medical Minutes

John Schieszer explores the benefits of prunes and golf in this Medical Minute

COVID-19 News

John Schieszer looks at a wearable device for early detection, how long-haul COVID does not affect as many people as thought, and how a COVID treatment is offering a new way to treat heart attacks

A Triple Approach for Improving Brain Health

a new study suggests that older adults with higher levels of antioxidants in their blood may be less likely to develop dementia

How Much Sleep Do I Need?

It turns out that 7 hours may be the ideal amount of sleep for people in their middle age and upwards

Cognitive Dulling a Significant Problem for Many Older Adults

Someone asks you a simple question and you snap. Common tasks, like washing the dishes, feel impossible to accomplish

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