John Schieszer

UPDATE: Aspirin for Preventing Heart Attacks in Older Adults

It may be time to rethink your aspirin intake

Donnie Boy Brings Joy to All

Donnie Boy is now on a new medical journey, thanks to his grandparents, aunts, uncles, great aunts and great uncles

Medical Minutes

New machine for back surgery; walking away from cancer; a new way to cut down on cocktails

Improving Your Life with a Wide Range of Programs You May Not Know About

Many older adults may be missing out on a wide range of programs and services

Taking a Proactive Approach to Memory Loss

The 5-Cog assessment is a picture-based memory-impairment screening test

Music Therapy for Treating Dementia and Stroke Complications

Researchers have found that music therapy can help with dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, and traumatic brain injuries

Augmented Intelligence for Treating Heart Disease and a Host of Illnesses

By using the model, doctors will be better equipped to personalize care to individual heart failure patients, helping them live longer, healthier lives

Local 61-Year-Old is Working to Change the Fashion Industry

Seattle would be the ideal place to shoot just such a show for a host of reasons

Cantaloupe and Melons Pack a Healthy Punch

Eating cantaloupe and other melons on a regular basis may help improve your vision and provide a host of other health benefits

AI-Powered Chatbots Changing Medicine

AI is helping people to quit smoking, improving diagnostics, preventative medicine, medical records and other healthcare practices

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