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Music Therapy for Treating Dementia and Stroke Complications

Researchers have found that music therapy can help with dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, and traumatic brain injuries

Augmented Intelligence for Treating Heart Disease and a Host of Illnesses

By using the model, doctors will be better equipped to personalize care to individual heart failure patients, helping them live longer, healthier lives

Local 61-Year-Old is Working to Change the Fashion Industry

Seattle would be the ideal place to shoot just such a show for a host of reasons

Cantaloupe and Melons Pack a Healthy Punch

Eating cantaloupe and other melons on a regular basis may help improve your vision and provide a host of other health benefits

AI-Powered Chatbots Changing Medicine

AI is helping people to quit smoking, improving diagnostics, preventative medicine, medical records and other healthcare practices

Small Jewel in Poulsbo Getting Some Big Talk

Kitsap County has a very active and vibrant theater community and the word has gotten out

The Honor of Caring for a Loved One

“Retirement isn't an exit ramp to being idle or sidelined,” said Scott Nolte. It is time to start new adventures.

Witches Can Be Right and Giants Can Be Good

Into the Woods brings together well-known storybook characters, but its subject matter may appeal to older adults in a profound way

Dumping Ultra-Processed Foods May Significantly Improve Overall Health

"We are the first cohort of healthcare professionals to have presided over a decline in life expectancy in 100 years,” said Dr. Dawn H. Sherling

I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face

“Making art is good for our hearts.” The group is also doing a performance for the residents at a senior living community

What is Causing Your Lower Back Pain?

A new study may have cracked the mystery surrounding the cause of a specific type of back pain

Chocolate May Help Boost Brain Health as well as Mood

There is mounting evidence that a few nibbles of dark chocolate can not only satisfy a craving, but can also be beneficial for your health

Improving Brain Health through Exercise

A new study is suggesting a fascinating link between regular exercise and better brain health

A Proactive Approach to Dealing with Forgetfulness

Mental health experts recommend a variety of techniques to cope with changes in memory and mental skills

New Ingestible Electronic Device May Help Detect Breathing Issues

"It's an exciting intervention to help people be diagnosed and then receive the appropriate treatment"

Everything is Going Swimmingly

Swimming can be enjoyable and an outstanding full-body workout for older adults and can be an effective way of building and maintaining muscle strength

Drones Equipped with Defibrillators May Help Save Lives

...the drones were ahead of the ambulance by an average of three minutes

Wearable Devices Changing Healthcare for Older Adults

Wearable technology is now transforming how diseases are diagnosed and treated

Bioethicist Warns About AI and Medical Care

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases

Bring on the Brussel Sprouts

Both cancer and diabetes increase with age which makes consumption of cruciferous vegetables even more important as we age

Awe Inspiring Dreams

The team analyzed online search data to determine the top five most common dreams in the nation

Fine Tuning Cataract Surgery Paving the Way to Better Vision

Over the last 10 years, the equipment we use has become safer, more accurate and more efficient

AI May Help Improve Breast Cancer Outcomes

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may soon be playing a much bigger role in diagnosing and treating various types of cancer.

Lowering Your Blood Pressure Without Medicines

A new study is suggesting that adding a relatively minimal amount of movement can significantly reduce high blood pressure in older adults.

New Nasal Spray for Rapid Heartbeats

A fast-acting medication delivered as a nasal spray may soon allow individuals with intermittent rapid heartbeats to treat the problem themselves as soon as they develop symptoms

Getting the Nutritional Boost with a Smoothie

Smoothies can be tasty, convenient and an excellent way to get the recommended fruits and vegetables you need for a healthy diet

New Guidance on Latest Treatments for Early Alzheimer’s Disease

The guidelines are derived from expert consensus about new and emerging therapies

A New Era in Combating Prostate Cancer

It is expected that over the next 12 to 24 months, artificial intelligence (AI) technology and additional advances will lead to individualized care & precision medicine

Apples Pack Powerful Nutritional Punch

Apples contain key antioxidants, including quercetin, which has been shown to help combat certain cancers, inflammation, and boost immunity

Improving Your Health and Others through Volunteerism

A new study has found that volunteering is associated with better cognitive function and other health benefits

COVID 19 News Update

How well a COVID-19 vaccine protects you depends on how the virus changes... it also depends on timing

Olive Oil Packs Powerful Punch against Dementia

“Our study reinforces dietary guidelines recommending vegetable oils such as olive oil..."

Combating Osteoporosis in a New Way

Medication for osteoporosis previously available only as an injectable can be administered using a novel pill

To the Mediterranean Diet, Add Berries, Berries Berries

Berries are one of those 'superfoods' because of the great amount of nutrients

Robotic Glove Custom Made for Stroke Survivors

There is a new robotic hand that uses artificial intelligence to improve hand dexterity

Using Laughter and Humor for Improving Wellbeing

Telling a few jokes may be better for your health... much more so than ever realized

Improving Mental Health with Artificial Intelligence

An artificial intelligence voice coach is showing promise for treating depression and anxiety

Promising New Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease

The annual Alzheimer's Disease drug development pipeline report for this year is providing a good reason for optimism

A New Pill May Help Prevent Knee and Hip Replacements

a low dose of colchicine may be associated with lower incidences of both total knee replacement and total hip replacement surgeries

COVID-19 News Update

"'s going to be peaking in a couple of months, June, July”

Experiencing a Much Better Quality of Life by Adopting a Self-Care Approach

Adopting some self-care techniques may reap huge health benefits

Medical Minutes

This month's Medical Minutes looks at the powerful benefits of blueberries; how smart bandages improve care; and "I'm Still Okay," a new check-in service for older adults

Covid News Updates

Researchers now have come up with an extremely effective medicine for preventing the disease caused by all known variants

Artificial Intelligence Benefiting Older Adults in a Host of New Ways

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now transforming the lives of adults 50 and older

Medical Minutes

Vitamin D may ward off dementia; electrotherapy bandages; walking away from depression

This Month's COVID News Updates

This month's COVID-19 updates include information on the potential heart benefits of vaccinations

Red and Purple Vegetables Move Front and Center

Red cabbages, purple sweet potatoes, and radishes may pack a hidden health benefit, according to new research

COVID News Updates

Hybrid immunity; loss of smell; boosters; new CDC website

Medical Minutes

Ongoing research is showing that there are significant cardiovascular benefits at 6,000 daily walking steps at any pace

Improving Short-Term Memory with the Zap of a Laser

Researchers are now firing up their lasers to help improve short-term memory problems