It’s hard not to miss Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture or MoPOP as it’s commonly called. The building’s gleaming, sheet-metal facade and curvy, futuristic design definitely makes an eye-popping statement.


July 8, 2024 at 6:00 a.m.

Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring landscape of Patagonia

I had promised myself I wouldn’t get up on another horse – ever – as past horseback riding experiences have shown me that horses and I don’t get along. Typically, I would be told I would be riding a gentle mare only to have that “gentle” mare persistently nip at …


Take a Hike! – To Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

The 0.7-mile lake trail loop is completely flat, beginning with a short boardwalk before transitioning into an easy-to-navigate gravel path

Tacoma museum shines a spotlight on the artistry of glass

The first thing you’ll notice about Tacoma’s Museum of Glass is the ginormous cone. It rises ninety feet in the air like a futuristic smokestack and its tilted, stainless steel shingles glisten.

12 Ways to Plan a Wellness Cruise

How to experience a cruise that cultivates health and wellness instead of overindulgence

Little Rock is an Arkansas gem

Little Rock might not be the most obvious choice for a vacation destination, but once you learn what this dynamic capital city has to offer, you’ll know why it deserves a spot on your travel radar.

Discover Bellingham: the gem of the Northern Cascades

Bellingham and its surrounds has much to offer visitors, from picturesque coastal views, abundant nature and outdoor adventure to a vibrant arts scene, historical attractions and plenty of good food. People are friendly and their enthusiasm for all that makes this place special is contagious.

Prepare to be awed by Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires

Renowned for both its aesthetics and acoustics, the Teatro Colón is considered one of the top opera houses in the world alongside La Scala in Milan, the Royal Opera House in London and Opera Garnier in Paris. A stunning architectural building on the outside, it is equally as impressive inside.

Treat yourself to a quintessential Northwest getaway at Salish Lodge & Spa

Perched on a cliff above famed Snoqualmie Falls and surrounded by a lush green forest at the edge of the Cascade Mountains, the Lodge is as Pacific Northwest as it gets. This picturesque backdrop has an immediate calming influence, which continues once you step inside the restored landmark building with …

Dazzle your senses with a trip to Argentina’s Perito Moreno Glacier

I’ve seen my share of glaciers over the years and whether they’ve been in Alaska, Greenland, Switzerland, New Zealand or Antarctica, they’ve never failed to amaze me. With many of them in stages of recession, however, I’ve begun to feel an urgency to visit more of these impressive masses of …

Discover an authentic mountain paradise when you venture to El Chaltén in Argentine Patagonia

If you’re an experienced backpacker or trekker, you probably have El Chaltén on your radar. Or you might have already been to this small, Patagonian mountain town at the tail-end of the planet and know that it’s the “National Capital of Trekking” in Argentina.

Take a cooking class in Buenos Aires for an authentic Argentine experience

It’s hard to go anywhere in Argentina without coming across empanadas. They’re indisputably the most famous Latin American street food. And they’re delicious! For those unfamiliar with empanadas, they are crescent-shaped, savory pastries made of dough and filled with a variety of ingredients – everything from beef, chicken and pork …

A tango show should be on your list of must-see experiences in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the “Paris of South America,” is the lively capital of Argentina. Dynamic and culturally rich, it’s a place of colorful history, neoclassical architecture, incredible food and wine, diverse neighborhoods and natural greenspaces. Combining old and new, traditional and cosmopolitan, the city beckons visitors from across the globe.

Healthy Travel Tips for Older Travelers

We’ve been looking forward to traveling again after staying home the past few years, but my husband has a heart condition and some back problems that worry me

The rewards are many for those who venture to Samoa

It takes much effort and time to get to Samoa, as this small, Polynesian island country is situated in the central South Pacific Ocean, halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. It’s made up of nine volcanic islands, four of which are inhabited. The two largest islands, Savai’i and Upolu, comprise …