It’s been three years since Bite of Seattle graced the grounds of Seattle Center. The city’s original and largest food and beverage festival drew thousands of people eager to sample the bounty from the area’s diverse culinary scene. An annual summertime staple, its absence has only made locals hungrier than ever for its return.


June 26, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

Experience a slow-paced voyage of discovery through Burgundy

When most people think of a barge, they envision a flat-bottomed boat that hauls goods down a waterway – a working vessel. So when I told family and friends that I was going on a barge cruise in France, I received quizzical and confused looks. They didn’t understand why I ...

Paradise found in the Italian Lake District

I was finally one with my paddle and I glided efficiently and smoothly through the water in my kayak. The feeling was Zenlike, as the motions had a meditative quality to them. My movements were instinctive and almost effortless. And instead of being hyper-focused on doing all the right things, ...

Memphis is my kind of town!

Memphis is a city with heart and a whole lot of soul. Take its pulse and register the passion, pride and resiliency that resonates through the people. This is a town where the roots of history run deep, where music beats through the city’s lifeblood and where the cultural tapestry ...

Explore the exciting highlights of Lisbon and Sintra on a four-day self-guided tour

There are so many ways to travel these days, and though I’ve tried and enjoyed many of them, I always come back to my favorite – self-guided, walking trips, where I get to make the decisions and can move at my own pace. These types of vacations often take a ...

La Fonda oozes with historical ambiance and the spirit of the Southwest

La Fonda is a beloved Santa Fe landmark. It’s one of the earliest and best-known hotels in America’s oldest capital city. And it’s the only hotel on the Santa Fe Plaza, steps away from many of the city’s popular attractions. Free history tours of this prized property are offered by ...

Take a Trip to Dry Falls State Park

Dry Falls significant legacy is being recognized on an international scale

The Lodge at Saint Edward State Park is a tranquil Pacific Northwest retreat

If you’re dreaming of a Pacific Northwest escape, put The Lodge at Saint Edward State Park on your list. Situated in Kenmore, on the banks of Lake Washington and minutes from Seattle, this lovely 84-room boutique hotel is the ideal getaway from the hectic pace of urban life.

Take a bean to bar journey with a Creo Chocolate tour

“Don’t be a consumer of chocolate,” says Tim Straub. “Instead, savor it, as you’ll enjoy it better, plus you’ll eat less of it, but have a better experience.” Good advice, especially coming from someone in the know. Straub is owner of Creo Chocolate in Portland, Oregon. The company, which has ...

Explore an underground wonderland at Carlsbad Caverns

The world that exists below the surface in Carlsbad Caverns National Park is a subterranean marvel, full of formations that dazzle the eyes. It’s impossible not to be awed by this geological wonder that comedian and actor Will Rogers once called, “The Grand Canyon with a roof over it.”

Traveling Solo

My advice for those who wish to travel solo, but with a group, is to find a travel company that doesn’t charge more for being single

McMinnville’s charms are many

Nestled in the heart of Oregon’s wine country, just forty miles from Portland, is the city of McMinnville. Though small, with a population of 33,000, the town is big on all things wine, as it’s at the epicenter of the Willamette Valley, the state’s famed wine locale. The valley boasts ...

Switzerland’s Jungfraujoch is a year-round wonderland of ice and snow

Picture postcards don’t begin to do justice to Switzerland’s beauty. In person, the country comes alive in vivid Technicolor, leaving you grasping desperately for the right superlatives to describe all its treasures. Words simply fall short of communicating the grandeur of this alpine paradise. It’s hard to decide what to ...

Follow in the sandal steps of the Romans as you walk Hadrian’s Wall Path

I’ve grown fond of long walks that take you from one inn to another, with picturesque scenery to admire along the way and only a daypack to carry. Several years ago, I did a portion of the Wales Coastal Path, organized by Celtic Trails, and the experience was so memorable ...

Lots to love about Long Beach Peninsula

Don’t be fooled by the name. I guarantee there’s nothing disappointing about Cape Disappointment State Park. This glorious swath of land is a paradise of lighthouses atop windswept cliffs, breathtaking views, rugged beaches to explore, old-growth forests to wander and plenty of colorful Northwest history.