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April 11, 2024 at 10:02 a.m.


How Music Can Boost Health

Ph.D. student finds that music can help patients with dementia, patients with Parkinson's, and for anyone practicing self-care

How to Get ‘Extra Help’ Paying for Prescriptions

Does Medicare offer any financial assistance programs to help seniors with their medication costs?

Protecting Yourself from QR Code Fraud

Scammers can create QR codes to trick people into visiting a fraudulent website or downloading malware that compromises their personal information

Best Exercise to Boost Your Memory

"Memory is a muscle that takes training for optimal performance"

Recommended Vaccines for Medicare Recipients

All recommended vaccines for adults, age 65 and older, should be covered by either Medicare Part B or Part D, but there are some coverage challenges you should be aware of

How to Counter Loneliness: A Seattle Retiree's Advice

"It can work at any age and doesn't cost a penny"

Who Should Be Screened for Lung Cancer?

Who should be screened for lung cancer and how it’s covered by Medicare? I used to smoke but quit many years ago


Light and Sound Clears Amyloid in Alzheimer's

A recent MIT study verified earlier research that light and sound stimulation can reduce Alzheimer's progression and treat symptoms of the disease

Dumping Ultra-Processed Foods May Significantly Improve Overall Health

"We are the first cohort of healthcare professionals to have presided over a decline in life expectancy in 100 years,” said Dr. Dawn H. Sherling

The Daily Dozen of Dietary Go-Tos for Longevity Doctor

Dr. Greger eats a whole-food plant-based diet and takes daily supplements


Tai Chi May Lower Blood Pressure More Effectively Than Aerobic Exercise

"Overall, the group participating in tai chi saw the most improvement in blood pressure readings"

Stay Healthy and Independent With the Senior Nutrition Program

Did you know that you may be able to receive healthy meals and other nutrition services through the National Senior Nutrition Program?

What Every Woman Should Know about Heart Health

Because heart disease symptoms in women can differ from those in men, it may be more difficult to spot the signs

Preventing Urinary Tract Infections and Dealing with Urinary Concerns

As we age, urinary concerns become more common