A new study has found that some individuals weathered the stress of the pandemic better than others, in part, due to their genetics


July 31, 2022 at 7:55 p.m.

Risks of Skin Cancer and How to Protect Yourself

Each year, around 100,000 Americans are diagnosed with melanoma, and about 7,500 people will die from it


Living to 200?

Studies from this new class of drugs show that lifespan in mice can be increased by 30%

Little Miss Sunshine

"This brings me to some observations about sun damage and cosmetic enhancements"

Can You Train Your Brain to Prevent Dementia?

Recent studies suggest that complex programs targeting speed, focus and accuracy can make a difference

Cataracts Awareness

“Cataracts form in everyone if you live long enough"

The Science of Napping

Researchers say that napping can improve not only your physical health but also your mental health

Medicinal Cannabis Research

Use of cannabis in treating chronic pain

Prostate Cancer Breakthrough

A novel approach to treating prostate cancer can help when tumors become resistant to current therapy

New Treatments for Plaque Buildup in Arteries

The new method combines a low-power laser with ultrasound to remove arterial plaque safely and efficiently

Tips for Dealing with Seasonal Allergies

There are steps you can take to minimize sneezing and watery eyes that come from seasonal allergies


Smart Bandages That Deliver Meds Only When Needed

The idea is that the dressing should be "loaded" with drugs that will only react to environmental stimuli, such as the heat of the wound

Healthy Ears Help Make for a Healthy Brain

“According to studies, hearing loss is the top preventable risk factor for dementia”


Exercise for Your Bones

Vital at every age for healthy bones, exercise is important for treating and preventing osteoporosis

Using a Chatbot to Support Caregivers

The app’s main feature is a chatbot, a smart computer program that delivers problem-solving therapy to caregivers through text messaging