My oldest granddaughter interviewed me this week for her project on grandparents
BY ABBE ROLNICK | May 24, 2024 at 2:49 p.m.

The Bruise: A Seattle Reminiscence

Florence was 19 and I was 12 when it happened. It was evening, and she was dressed in her party dress and high heels, her bobbed, chestnut-brown hair carefully combed

Clothes Shopping -- Ugh!

I really dislike clothes shopping, Dawn. I think I’d rather go to the dentist.

Who Called the Cops?

I was expecting that my 94th birthday might be fairly low key, with family members only and no fuss. It was far from that.

Memories of Frank Sinatra from Northwest Prime Time Readers

Many "Northwest Prime Time" Readers remain fans of Frank Sinatra after all these years

Naked Redemptin

As I got older, I started looking back on my life ... not with pleasure but obsessing about all the mistakes

Who Knew?

Before I could speak, Mom was on the horse. A couple of purposeful nudges with her heels and she galloped away, full speed

Dorothea Nordstrand Remembers the Lauth Family

I have never forgotten her or her colorful, wonderful family

Do You Remember?

Today we find our heroines, Rose and Dawn in the waiting room of the hospital


What is an Old Geezer?

My great grandson loves to visit me at my new home, an assisted and independent living facility inhabited by the elderly (geezers)


Readers' Embarrassing Moments

These embarrassing moments were submitted by readers. Enoy


My Grandparents' Watches

Of my many favorite things are the watches that belonged to my grandparents. The story goes…

Surfing as a Senior, Where in Washington, and 'Other Tidbits'

"At the age of 73, I don't surf nearly as much as I used to"

Dorothea Nordstrand Tells the Story of Hooch the Wondrous Cat, Resident of Seattle's Green Lake

When the pole was dismantled, he would stroll down, meet Dad at the water's edge, and they would walk companionably home together, side-by-side as fishing buddies should.

Money, Lies, Drapes and Nazis

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve changed my attitude towards money – okay I’ve become cheaper