My great grandson loves to visit me at my new home, an assisted and independent living facility inhabited by the elderly (geezers)
BY LOUISE R. SMITH | April 13, 2024 at 5:56 p.m.


Readers' Embarrassing Moments

These embarrassing moments were submitted by readers. Enoy


My Grandparent's Watches

Of my many favorite things are the watches that belonged to my grandparents. The story goes…

Surfing as a Senior, Where in Washington, and 'Other Tidbits'

"At the age of 73, I don't surf nearly as much as I used to"

Dorothea Nordstrand Tells the Story of Hooch the Wondrous Cat, Resident of Seattle's Green Lake

When the pole was dismantled, he would stroll down, meet Dad at the water's edge, and they would walk companionably home together, side-by-side as fishing buddies should.

Money, Lies, Drapes and Nazis

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve changed my attitude towards money – okay I’ve become cheaper


Elderly Exercise

I know that if I walked a mile every day, my corpuscles would dance through my bloodstream. I am not sedentary but...

Small Jewel in Poulsbo Getting Some Big Talk

Kitsap County has a very active and vibrant theater community and the word has gotten out

We're Going to Sin City

While the girls were laughing, Rose told Dawn that she had a ‘radical’ idea

Another Bartell's Story

Dorie May's job at Bartell's earned her the money to purchase a lifetime subscription to Readers Digest for $25. It arrived faithfully every month for more than 77 years.

The Verse By the Side of the Road

One after another, they told a little upbeat story, all with the punch line “Burma-Shave”

Burma Shave

I read it to my son, a savvy 60-year-old, and he said, "What's Burma Shave?"

7424 East Greenlake Way

Daddy wanted a place for a workbench and his tools, so he hand-dug a full basement under the house

Snuggles Disappears!

I was fortunate enough to be included in the monumental move, accompanied by my six-year-old Ragdoll cat, Snuggles


At any rate, I figured if cryogenics was good enough for Ted, it was worth looking into