Close relationships, more than money or fame, are what keep people happy throughout their lives

February 13, 2023 at 7:33 p.m.

How Does Retirement Work?

Retiring isn’t a withdrawal from society but an affirmation of all that we have worked for our entire lives

Making Retirement Fun

Done properly, I think retirement should feel like recess at school


Life Chapters

What shall I name this chapter of my life?


White Salmon Days

This sweeping true-life tale spans nearly one hundred years and begins long before Norris was born

Unchained Memory

My heartbeat is up -- the strenuous workout, no doubt -- but there's a little ache in it I can't explain


I Did What -- All Those Years Ago?

“Are you saying that, somehow, because of a conversation after two glasses of Chablis fifteen years ago, I have become a caregiver to a very aged cat?

Senior Superhero

After careful deliberation I’ve decided on . . . Senior Sonic Solarman

Turning to Tina Turner for Transformation

Music therapy now is moving into a new realm thanks to smartphones


Great Time for Older Adults to Follow Their Dreams

If you have an old passion, now is the time to revitalize it

Feed Your Passion

We forget the aches, pains and limitations while we're lost in doing what we love

Looking for Beauty

I am amazed on what a difference it has made in my life in the years that folowed


Tamper Proof Packaging

"I have to wonder if manufacturers are out to get me with their tamper proof packaging"

A Christmas Miracle: Variations on A Clause

I never stopped believing in Santa Claus


“What happens if Santa comes the very same night as my tooth is under a pillow?”