“Oh my gosh. Did I ever tell you about my older sister and me and that song?”
BY LOIS GREENE STONE | February 23, 2024 at 8:56 a.m.

Paying It Forward

I had heard the concept of paying it forward before, but until I personally experienced it in action it was merely an abstract concept

My Run in With the FBI

My grandchildren will never believe that I was once tracked down by the FBI


Playing Cowboys and Indians, 1921 Seattle

"Dandy was a Cayuse Indian pony, and the cleverest horse I ever saw. I think Arthur and Bunny should be on Indian ponies today.”


A Reflection on Loss and Remembrance

s I prepare to travel once again to Florida to celebrate my mom’s February 5th birthday, I am filled with gratitude

You Mailed What? Where?

No matter how hard Dawn tried to relax around Matilda, she always felt like there was a competition and she had to stay on her toes to keep up


Feline Savvy

As a cat owner, I have been amazed at the “smarts” demonstrated by my 4-year-old Ragdoll cat. Do cats really have intelligence?

Getting Rid of Stuff

I have lived in my present home nearly 50 years...plenty of time to accumulate things.


Height of Insult

I hate to bore you with the health complaints of a 76-year-old, but I’m hopeful my experiences will help others

Pike Place Market: A Seattle Reminiscence

We had a sauerkraut barrel "working" on our back porch, but it and the backyard garden that kept it going was running out of cabbage

The Grocery Shopping Experience

In view of my advanced age and the fact that human beings have to eat, it’s safe to assume that I have spent a good measure of my life in grocery stores

Skate Bells and Blizzards

For me, Jamaica was a neighborhood in Queens County, where only a sporting goods store, called Davega, had perfect ice skates


Cemetery Slogans

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of advertisements and letters from funeral homes. Do they know something I don’t know?


Craving New Experiences

Someone once passionately expressed to me that they wished to make sure they really lived before they died

Finding Your Feet, A Legacy

Let’s choose kindness. And hope. Not just for ourselves, but as a way of holding the door open for the young ones behind us