Perched on a cliff above famed Snoqualmie Falls and surrounded by a lush green forest at the edge of the Cascade Mountains, the Lodge is as Pacific Northwest as it gets. This picturesque backdrop has an immediate calming influence, which continues once you step inside the restored landmark building with its stunning historical architecture.


May 28, 2024 at 6:00 a.m.

Dazzle your senses with a trip to Argentina’s Perito Moreno Glacier

I’ve seen my share of glaciers over the years and whether they’ve been in Alaska, Greenland, Switzerland, New Zealand or Antarctica, they’ve never failed to amaze me. With many of them in stages of recession, however, I’ve begun to feel an urgency to visit more of these impressive masses of …

Discover an authentic mountain paradise when you venture to El Chaltén in Argentine Patagonia

If you’re an experienced backpacker or trekker, you probably have El Chaltén on your radar. Or you might have already been to this small, Patagonian mountain town at the tail-end of the planet and know that it’s the “National Capital of Trekking” in Argentina.

Take a cooking class in Buenos Aires for an authentic Argentine experience

It’s hard to go anywhere in Argentina without coming across empanadas. They’re indisputably the most famous Latin American street food. And they’re delicious! For those unfamiliar with empanadas, they are crescent-shaped, savory pastries made of dough and filled with a variety of ingredients – everything from beef, chicken and pork …

A tango show should be on your list of must-see experiences in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the “Paris of South America,” is the lively capital of Argentina. Dynamic and culturally rich, it’s a place of colorful history, neoclassical architecture, incredible food and wine, diverse neighborhoods and natural greenspaces. Combining old and new, traditional and cosmopolitan, the city beckons visitors from across the globe.

Healthy Travel Tips for Older Travelers

We’ve been looking forward to traveling again after staying home the past few years, but my husband has a heart condition and some back problems that worry me

The rewards are many for those who venture to Samoa

It takes much effort and time to get to Samoa, as this small, Polynesian island country is situated in the central South Pacific Ocean, halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. It’s made up of nine volcanic islands, four of which are inhabited. The two largest islands, Savai’i and Upolu, comprise …

Real Hawaii Meets Hollywood at Kualoa Ranch

After spending a few days in Honolulu, you might yearn to escape the skyscrapers and concrete, not to mention the sheer density of people roaming Waikiki. Fortunately, the island of Oahu offers plenty of spots where peace and serenity reign. Less than an hour’s drive from all the hustle and …

Savor the flavors on an Aloha Plate Hawaii Food Tour in Honolulu

If you want to prime your taste buds Hawaiian style, take an Aloha Plate Hawaii Food Tour with Secret Hawaii Tours while in Honolulu. You’ll sample local food at places the locals eat at, while learning about Hawaiian culture and customs from a born and bred Hawaiian. Just make sure …

Use your explorer’s spirit when visiting the National Park of American Samoa

Located some 2,600 miles southwest of Hawai’i, the National Park of American Samoa is one of the most remote national parks in the U.S. It takes much effort and time to get here, but intrepid travelers who make the journey will discover untouched coral sand beaches, secluded villages, rainforests, rare …

Catch some waves on an outrigger surfing canoe ride at Waikiki Beach

If you don’t feel like taking a surf lesson but still want to try an authentic Hawaiian water sport, opt to do an outrigger surfing canoe ride. These boats offer the original Hawaiian rollercoaster experience and Waikiki Beach is the prime spot for this activity.

Discover the story of the Pacific NW at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

Amid mountain peaks and a vibrant urban landscape in Vancouver, WA, you’ll find Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. The site encompasses several unique locales, including a reconstruction of the Hudson Bay Company’s Fort Vancouver, the U.S. Army’s Vancouver Barracks, Pearson Air Museum and the McLoughlin House; the latter which is …

Take your palette around the world on a Portland by Mouth food tour

Food tours are a great way to explore a city and get to know its vibe, as typically these experiences not only provide an opportunity to sample local dishes, but also offer information and insight into a community. I’ve been on a number of these forays and each time I …

Experience the coastal charms of Newport, Oregon

With a name like Cape Foulweather, I expected gusty winds and pelting rain on my early winter visit to this area of the Oregon Coast. After all, Captain Cook had coined the name for the place due to the fierce weather and rough ocean conditions he and his crew encountered …

Romantic Destinations in Washington State

From mountains and beachfront retreats to small towns rich with history, here are our top four picks for a couples trip this February