Grandparents and grandkids are often referred to in the travel industry as “skip-gen”

August 12, 2023 at 7:56 p.m.

Washington State’s Gifford Pinchot… Oh, and a rather famous bear

Two very important US Forest Service birthdays are celebrated in the month of August

Headstone of Infant from Heritage Site Returned to State Parks

In addition to remnants of the coal mining industry, there is a cemetery on the property


Senior Women Go ‘Over the Edge’

Northaven wants people to come out and support these bold women in what promises to be a fun, street-fair type atmosphere


Seniors Serving Seniors: Bridging the digital divide

A new partnership between RSVP and CIRC aims to bridge the digital divide


Mother Joseph and Sisters of Providence Open First Seattle Hospital on August 2, 1878

Clad in habit, with hammer and saw in hand, she personally supervised the construction, sometimes ripping out faulty workmanship and redoing it herself

96-Year-Old Seattle Woman Honored by Former Students

Ray is about to be honored by the students she taught in Alaska 60 years ago


Seattle Played a Starring Role in First International Live Broadcast

That first live television exchange included images from the Seattle World's Fair


Washington’s Sunbeam Falls Featured on Forever Stamp

Sunbeam Falls, featured on a US Stamp, is one of Washington state's many waterfalls that are easy to reach with just a short walk

Fort Worden Finds Lead to “Mammoth” Discoveries, “Wooly” Situations

What to do if you find a fossil in a park

The Way to an Icy Wonderland Reopened

"...this is one of the most popular locations on the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie and throughout Washington"

Heading for the Open Roads

July marks some important events for Washington's highways and byways

State Park Volunteer Awards

"We want to thank all of our volunteers for their hard work! They are what make our state parks so wonderful."

Greenwood Senior Center Project Offers New Programs that Increase Social Connection

Since 2021, the Greenwood Senior Center’s Social Connection Project (SCP) has been working to increase social connection among older adults

Pilot Project for Seniors with Pets

A Northwest startup company has a focus on seniors and their pets