A Change-Up of Views

March 21, 2023 at 2:44 p.m.

Dear Readers,

This past week saw some changes on the most viewed stories on Northwest Prime Time’s website. Last week we reported that there were basically the same Top 5 for two weeks in a row, but now we can introduce you to a brand-new crop of favorites for the previous seven days.

Coming out on top is Crosscut’s piece about Jeopardy!'s Ken Jennings and his upcoming appearance at the Crosscut Ideas Festival. The week-long event kicks off on April 29.

Hailey Richman was one of last year's winners in the Seattle-based Maude's Awards for innovations in dementia care


Another article getting a lot of views is one about Maude’s Awards Applications. Now in its fourth year, Seattle-based Maude’s Awards was developed to gather and share innovations that will enrich the quality of life for people living with dementia and their care partners. My hunch is that the photo of a smiling young teenage girl helped boost that viewership. Young Hailey Richman is the executive director of Kid Caregivers, which developed Puzzles to Remember as a way to connect youth with Alzheimer’s patients. Hailey was one of last year’s Maude’s Awards recipients.

The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival is underway in Oregon. Photo by Debbie Stone.


An article about the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon, came in third place. If you haven’t checked it out yet, there are lots of colorful photos to enjoy! And it will probably get you thinking about Skagit Valley’s upcoming Tulip Festival, which runs through the month of April. However, before you head up there, be sure to check the website’s bloom report: Bloom - Tulip Festival.

An article about a gardener from Lakewood and her greenhouse made the top 5 most viewed articles this week.


We brought you an article about an avid gardener from Lakewood, a youthful grandmother who loves her greenhouse. It sits amidst her beautiful garden as a kind of fairy-tale glass house. The article is called Greenhouses are Having Their Moment in the Sun.

An article about the Salishan Coastal Lodge near Lincon City, Oregon made it into this week's most viewed list. Photo by Debbie Stone.


Rounding up the top five new articles this week is an article about the Salishan Coastal Lodge near Lincoln City, Oregon. Perhaps you can tell from travel writer Debbie Stone’s last two submissions (the earlier mentioned Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival and this one about the Salishan Coastal Lodge), that she spent some time in Oregon recently. Debbie always posts a lot of great photos with her stories, along with descriptive paragraphs and helpful resources on what to expect.

So You Want to Live by the Ocean?


Oh, by the way, the article that keeps on keeping on near the top of the list still remains at #2: Want to Live by the Ocean?

See you next week.


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