Bill Scott writes about health for blogcritics.org and was published in the international medical/science journal, "Global Advances in Health and Medicine" in 2012. He also serves as the media and government liaison for Christian Science in Washington State.

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Spirituality and prisoners of war: the ultimate freedom on Veterans day

"Wyndham’s uplifted thought and trust in the Divine not only freed him from the terror surrounding him, it kept him healthy and safe." How our thinking impacts our experience.

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Emmy-nominated film ‘Escape Fire’ and treating the whole person

Imagine a national shift to treating the whole person. Could this be the escape fire match needed to reform healthcare? If so, like Wag Dodge’s experience, it was always available to those willing to stop and take a radically different approach.

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Treating pain: a new ontology is needed

Thinking that pain is in the brain impels doctors to look for a physical cause for pain, says Dr. Alex Cahana. When one isn’t found, “It’s all in your head” is often what a patient will be told.

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Can viewing yourself differently actually stop chronic pain?

Chronic pain is a mental phenomenon which is subjective and individual. Therefore, it makes sense that treatments address the subjective, individual, and spiritual nature of each patient.

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Why we all should be dancing to Pharrell’s monster hit “Happy”!

His lyrics may seem deceptively simple, but Pharrell has touched a universal cord, a spiritual pulse that resonates with our innate recognition that being happy and expecting good are natural.

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Six health tips I've noticed about the Seattle Seahawks

Ready for the Super Bowl? As a Seahawks fan and a health writer, here are six Seahawks characteristics that I’ve observed to be good tips for healthy living.

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