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Combing Fleas

My elderly pets are suffering from this year’s excess of fleas...

“Enchanting Autumn”

"In a melancholy mood, I walk through a wood."

The Choice

"Take care that at the fork ahead you choose…the right one."

School Days

"One, two, buckle my shoe—three, four, shut the door."

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Green tomatoes, a sign that summer is almost over

Green tomatoes? Yes, they're delicious too.

Merrilee Rush: Seattle’s homegrown rock ‘n’ roll sweetheart

Merrilee Rush gained national fame in 1968 with her breakout hit song, Angel of the Morning, which earned her a Grammy nomination for female vocalist of the year.

Northwest Nebraska is full of surprises

This summer, the road trip is being rediscovered by many travelers during what has become the new “normal.” They’re taking off in cars, campers, RVs and motorcycles, seeking opportunities to explore our country’s natural playgrounds. Some are opting for the road less traveled in order to avoid potentially crowded areas. The upside to this plan is the potential of finding hidden gems along the way.

Need Help? SHIBA is still here to help – even during COVID-19!

For the more than 1.3 million Medicare beneficiaries in Washington state, this is an important time of year. Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period occurs each year from October 15 to December 7.

Are Seniors Still Moving into Retirement Communities During the Pandemic?

According to the American Association of Retirement Communities, inquiries about moving into retirement communities may have slowed since the coronavirus crisis began, but those still looking seem more motivated to make the move.

Alexa, Keep Me Independent: Can smart speakers act as personal assistants for an aging population?

Older adults can be hesitant about new technology. At the same time, many are reluctant to forfeit their independence, even if they are having trouble performing tasks at home.

"Buildin' a Shed"

"better not fail"

Rides of Summer

"thrilled, adding repeat rides late in a neon lit night."

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Stay-in-place, playing “Home Alone.”

Skyping is Surprisingly Satisfying

A whole new way to navigate around quarantining versus catching corona.

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Eat the fruit, not the juice

Many Americans consume more than 25 percent of their recommended daily calories in juice, soda pop, flavored coffees and energy drinks.