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Double Tanka

"lifeguard watch her blush"


"those seven beauties leaping across the heavens"

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Bring back the flavor with fresh herbs

Fresh summer herbs - whether from your garden of the grocery - will add pop and flavor to almost any dish.

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Wondering how short is a “short fuse”

A walk on the wild side in Wales

For many trekkers, hiking the entire Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine is a bucket list accomplishment. It's one of three long distance walks in the famed Triple Crown; the other two being the Pacific Crest and the Continental Divide Trails. Outside of the U.S., there's a number of walks with similar bragging rights. Among them is the Wales Coast Path, an 870-mile route, spanning eight geographical areas, from Chepsstow, Monmouthshire in the south to Queensferry, Flintshire in the north.

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A Northwest Icon

The history of the Pacific Northwest includes a fascinating chapter: the African-American founders of Centralia, a town about halfway between Seattle and Portland.

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Age-Friendly Discussion Groups: Social Participation

The ongoing Age-Friendly Discussion Groups project brings you topics of interest to older adults. We look forward to hearing from your group!

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Planning For Your Pet’s Future

Gal pals and former next-door neighbors, Janette Adamucci and Victoria Mabus, enjoy the many hours they spend volunteering at Seattle Humane’s new adoption center

My Sister & Tom Jones

Heartfelt thanks to all who contacted Northwest Prime Time to say how much the story of My Sister & Tom Jones touched you. For those who read the original article, you know that my sister is extremely disabled with Alzheimer’s, but that she is still able to enjoy life in the moment… especially music, and especially the music of Sir Tom Jones

"Late Night Rendezvous"

"staring at me with their sneaky sheep eyes trying to avoid further instruction."

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Providence ElderPlace Redmond to celebrate first anniversary with celebration and open house

Providence ElderPlace Redmond offers residents on the Eastside of Lake Washington an innovative program that provides medical care and social services to seniors who wish to continue to live in the community, thus avoiding or minimizing stays in hospitals and nursing homes.


"two Fathers and Mom—trio gave unconditional love—reminiscences hold yesterday in my heart"

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Then along came Bill.

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Fun in the kitchen for Northwest Kidney Centers' Breakfast of Hope

These recipes do everything to make a low-salt recipe highly appealing.


"...there were three things that defined him: 1) A Stetson hat that always looked brand new, 2) a pair of cowboy boots that just glistened, and 3) you always saw a man whose word was good as gold!"