Alexa, keep me independent

Older adults can be hesitant about new technology. At the same time, many are reluctant to forfeit their independence by moving into an assisted living facility, even if they are having trouble performing tasks at home.

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Chocolate, the fourth food group

Chocolate’s fat molecules have a unique melting point just below body temperature. This gives chocolate its creamy texture and “melt in your mouth” feel.

Discover a hiker's paradise on New Zealand's South Island

Travel has always been an active pursuit for me. I typically shy away from coach tours, as I feel they relegate me to being an armchair traveler, who mostly watches the scenery go by outside a window. They restrict me to primarily being a passive observer, having little interaction with the exciting world beyond the narrow viewpoint provided.

Caregiving in the Era of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has complicated the lives of family caregivers, especially those with older loved ones who are most susceptible to COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus.

"This is Jeopardy"

This piece will also be in Ariele’s new FUN anthology book. If you have a submission for that, please send it to Ariele Huff at ariele@comcast.net.


"Easter breakfast buns… cinnamon swirled and sugar glazed, the aroma of grandmotherly warmth."

Some More Childhood Toy contributions

Childhood Toys..."Buried Treasure" and Kitty Meow Meow

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Lessons of Adventure

When Baba was 30-years-old, she made the decision to move from Rochester, New York to Pawnee, Oklahoma. She left everything, aside from her three young children, behind in New York to work as a nurse on the Pawnee Reservation.

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" We were left to our own resources..."

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A different kind of flower—cauliflower!

Brightly colored cauliflowers have more nutrients than the white: more vitamin A in the orange and more antioxidants in the purple.

Journey through the depths of Mordor

"It's the last push," shouts our guide Connor, with annoyingly, over-the-top enthusiasm. I don't believe him. And neither does anyone else in our group of six hikers. We've all learned by now that Connor's using what I refer to as "guide speak" - the rah-rah efforts that guides employ to motivate their groups to keep moving when the going gets tough.

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Three Tall Trees

"They’ve stood here fifty years by the shore."

Greater Tacoma Peace Prize honors local peacemakers

GTPP believes that peace begins at home. Their mission is to support peacemaking locally in order to “sustain peace, justice and reconciliation at home and abroad.”

Real Estate in Retirement Done Right

Seniors Real Estate Specialists (SRES), an exclusive designation awarded by the National Association of Realtors, complete specialized education for managing the complexities of buying and selling real estate for people over age 50.

Ahoy from the Bradley Park Yacht Club!

There’s no reason why those enriching hours of model building should be left in childhood. That is particularly true for Wesley Bradley Park residents Art Sortland and Jim Christensen.