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Farmers markets: bringing food fresh to your table

Farmers markets are everywhere – with about 30 in King County and more than 100 in Washington state.

When I'm on Autopilot

"I’m never sure that I’m totally me."

Relax, rejuvenate at The Springs

I just had one of the best nights of sleep ever! This is a remarkable feat coming from someone with insomnia issues, who often tosses and turns the hours away as her brain refuses to turn itself off. So, you’ll forgive me if I sound giddy with enthusiasm. I credit this heavenly night’s rest to The Springs Resort & Spa.

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"I guess they never saw me rolling in the grass..."

Joyous Ruminations Homework

"Love is an open-ended word: Sometimes, it comes into your heart and out the other side. Wow!"

Time to Write

"...then hit “send” with my eyes closed, hoping it made sense."

A Place I Would Buy for My Family

"I still feel pride remembering being able to have such a lovely home and area for my children."

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It's time to jive with chives

Easy-to-grow chives are a great onion substitute. Their flavor and color really shine when you add them to dishes that don’t cook long.

Hats off to history and innovation at the Royal Gorge Bridge

Everyone should have the opportunity to walk across the country’s highest bridge, if only to comprehend this amazing engineering feat. And of course, to take in the jaw-dropping views it provides from all angles. The Royal Gorge Bridge, located an hour south of Colorado Springs in Cañon City, Colorado, is truly a marvel.


"...a hodge-podge of planets and gods"

FUN in my 20s

" For me, what turned into a touchstone was my car."

“Fun—Teen Style”

"One of the fun things we used to do was go swimming at the old gravel pit."


"an empty Sea of Love"

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The new convenience food: butternut squash

The convenience of buying butternut squash that is already peeled and cubed eliminates a semi-daunting task of chopping it up on your own.


The Immunized Class: Those Over a Certain Age