Filipino Village and Senior Housing Community Opens

Seattle's Filipino Community Village and affordable senior housing project opened in June

Returning to the Farm

With 67 acres, seven fully restored historic farm structures, a 100+ year-old producing orchard, herb ...

17 of the Best Lake Towns in the U.S.

Chelan was ranked in the top-3 for the 2022 list

Make Foraging Your New Hobby

Finding wild, edible food near where you live can be fun and challenging, plus add ...

GONE WITH THE (So Sue Me, Margaret Mitchell) WIND

My son-in-law is a sailor. He competes in races around Puget Sound as well as ...

Eating Locally: A Healthier Option for You and the Planet

How to find Farmers Markets and farm stands near you

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Health & Wellness

New Treatments for Plaque Buildup in Arteries

The new method combines a low-power laser with ultrasound to remove arterial plaque safely and ...

Tips for Dealing with Seasonal Allergies

There are steps you can take to minimize sneezing and watery eyes that come from ...

Smart Bandages That Deliver Meds Only When Needed

The idea is that the dressing should be "loaded" with drugs that will only react ...

Healthy Ears Help Make for a Healthy Brain

“According to studies, hearing loss is the top preventable risk factor for dementia”

50+ News You Can Use

The Best Ways to Access SSA Services

Highlighting the best way to access Social Security Administration's services...

An Old Scam Tactic Resurfaces

The Federal Office of the Inspector General offers these tips to help protect yourself

Be Proactive About Brain Health

Free virtual memory screenings are available every weekday to everyone with no minimum age or ...

How to Get Underutilized COVID Funeral Assistance Funds

The government program you are asking about is the COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Program

Travels Near & Far

Welcome to the Conch Republic!

You might not think that roosters, six-toed cats, Hemmingway and President Truman share anything in ...

'Take the waters' and soak up the history in Hot Springs

It’s perfectly legal to be naked in Arkansas’ Hot Springs National Park. Yes, you read ...

Virginia Beach is full of surprises!

Beach destinations are all about the sun, sand and sea, and I usually assume there’s ...

Discover an aquatic wonderland at Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Park is not like most national parks, where land is the dominant feature. ...

Sharing Stories

Boy Meets Girl

"I melted."

A Sad Epidemic for Dogs & a Happy Cure

"And here it is...the amazing punchline..."

Happiness Is

"Going to Princess Pono Pono’s Purple Pickle Palace on Kauai"

Who Is That Cover Boy?

Everything was in place except for the keystone position… How to find an editor on ...

Home, Garden & Senior Living

The Five Conversations

The thought of moving from your long-time family can seem like a daunting task. Who ...

Composting Directly in the Garden

This centuries-old technique is low effort and effective

Cool cucumbers add crunch to Northwest summer recipes

Cool, crunchy cucumbers add delicious flavor to summer dishes.

Have your cake and eat it too: Great heart health dessert recipes

Hhow necessary is it to do without the sweet things in life?