The Seattle Public Library Announces Record Three Million E-book and Audiobook Checkouts in 2019

The Seattle Public Library today announced that they achieved a record-breaking three million digital book checkouts in 2019.

Thoughts on the Eve of 50 Years of Marriage

"We, as they say, hit it off right away...."

Awaiting Snow

"...will our first snow fall tonight?"

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Fill half your plate with veggies

Average Americans eat less than half of the fruits and veggies they should. This is especially true for seniors, whose fruit and vegetable consumption has decreased in the last 10 years.

Prepare to be mesmerized by Monument Valley

John Wayne was right on the mark when he described Monument Valley as, "God's Treasure." The iconic actor was taken with the stark beauty of this majestic place when he first laid eyes on it while filming the movie, "Stagecoach," back in the late 1930s.

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LIVING Celebration of Life

Traditionally, a Celebration of Life is planned by family and friends during a stressful time of grief when expensive decisions have to be made under duress.

Successful Aging with Daniel Levitin

Dr. Daniel Levitin’s latest book explores aging, including tips on how to rejuvenate your brain. He demonstrates that we can learn much from those who age joyously, and he urges our culture to take advantage of older people’s wisdom and experience.

Call Me ~ Surprised

When I went to work for General Telephone in Everett in 1967, I was 23, married, and the proud mother of a toddler. Who would have guessed I would be the inspiration for a telephone advertisement?

How to Die Young at a Very Old Age

Dr. Barzilai’s research targets aging itself rather than the diseases that are associated with growing old. He believes that slowing down the aging process will substantially delay onset of diseases associated with old age. This approach may allow an increase in the length of life AND the quality of life – staying more youthful as you grow old.

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Healthcare Trends for Healthy Aging

Telemedicine allows for long-distance health-related services, such as a doctor’s appointment or consultation with specialists from afar.


"Tommy’s old bedroom"

Santa Haikus

Santa Haikus

Christmas Memory

“Ho, ho, ho,” sang in the air.


"Held her hand. Wanted to stop time."

Winter Traditions Haiku

Does Santa steal the show or is he stolen?