Mom's Day

"Voila…there it was, and he captured it in his Mason jar and took it home to his mother, stretched out on the couch with an enormous fever."

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Step into Middle Earth with a visit to Hobbition

I’m a petite, or if you must say, short woman. At 5 feet two (on a good day!), I’m height-challenged. If I don’t have a stepstool, I’m at the mercy of asking others to help me reach those unattainable objects. In crowds, I’m constantly jumping up and down to see what’s happening, or trying to inch my way under and around everyone’s elbows. And I always have to take up the hem on my pants. Being short, however, is a plus when you visit Hobbiton in New Zealand, the famed movie set home of J.R.R. Tolkien’s hobbits.

How to invest in your future despite an economic recession

Consuelo Mack, the host of Wealthtrack, sat down with two financial professionals to discuss financial planning and retirement during the COVID-19 crisis.

Childhood Toys

"Now I will tell you that my lovely ElizaJane had the most beautiful chocolate brown skin, and I am a white as white can be."

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Another Example of Love

"I started to worry about Daddy."

Living under Lockdown

Most care facilities are under a lockdown right now, meaning residents are not allowed to have any visitors or leave their room


Frieda Risvold is a haiku humorist par excellence!

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"Bunnies and baskets— What's up with all those found eggs?"

Pain management options

Treating chronic pain is essential in maintaining mobility, strength and a positive attitude, whether a patient is recovering from a surgery or cancer treatment, or coping with aging in general.


"hummingbirds stab a dangled feeder"

Alexa, keep me independent

Older adults can be hesitant about new technology. At the same time, many are reluctant to forfeit their independence by moving into an assisted living facility, even if they are having trouble performing tasks at home.

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Chocolate, the fourth food group

Chocolate’s fat molecules have a unique melting point just below body temperature. This gives chocolate its creamy texture and “melt in your mouth” feel.

Discover a hiker's paradise on New Zealand's South Island

Travel has always been an active pursuit for me. I typically shy away from coach tours, as I feel they relegate me to being an armchair traveler, who mostly watches the scenery go by outside a window. They restrict me to primarily being a passive observer, having little interaction with the exciting world beyond the narrow viewpoint provided.

Caregiving in the Era of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has complicated the lives of family caregivers, especially those with older loved ones who are most susceptible to COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus.

"This is Jeopardy"

This piece will also be in Ariele’s new FUN anthology book. If you have a submission for that, please send it to Ariele Huff at ariele@comcast.net.