The Twelve New Days of Christmas

"On the second day of Christmas, my true love sent to me two wet hens..."

Limited Mobility Adventures

Although the allure of the Pacific Northwest (PNW) is strong, it can still be seen as intimidating while trying to explore when you or a companion has a disability or limited mobility. I have suggestions for several easy and accessible destinations that will make your efforts worth it

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Mad Woman

So now the reader knows why I did not watch the series Mad Men. It was all too real. I returned to college and became an English teacher.

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Meet Mark Bryant, Senior Fitness Expert

Mark Bryant is a popular fitness instructor and powerlifting champion who lives and works in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood. He also writes a monthly senior fitness tip for Northwest Prime Time.

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Tony Ventrella

Mention the name Tony Ventrella to practically anyone in the Puget Sound region and chances are it will be met with a smile and a nod of recognition

A Song for The New Year

"the new year’s here, the old one’s gone..."

History comes alive at Chaco Canyon

You can almost hear the voices of the ancestral people as you stand amid the ruins at Chaco National Historical Park in Northern New Mexico. They seem to echo within the walls of this monumental architectural site that was once home to a vibrant center of Puebloan culture some 1,000 years ago.

The Awkward Christmas Gift

I turned the shade of lawn flamingos as his brother and sisters asked me to hold up my gift.


"...he brought paper flames to me..."

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Flavorful Gifts for the Holidays

Healthy and inexpensive gifts of homemade foods are a real treat for everyone.

Alone Again

The most traumatic events in my life have been when beloved family members passed away.

Let the good times roll in Lafayette, Louisiana!

"Laissez les bon temps rouler!" is an expression you'll hear often throughout the parishes in southern Louisiana. More than a sentiment, it's a true representation of the joie de vivre spirit that is Cajun culture.

Miss Maple

My question was very serious— She could be polygamodioecious?

Holiday Sampler

These holiday stories represent a sampling from a paperback and eBook created by Ariele Huff with and for her writing students. Ariele is a writing teacher and Northwest Prime Time writing columnist

Nancy Woods: A Living Legend

University of Washington School of Nursing Dean Emerita, Nancy Fugate Woods, was recently inducted as a Living Legend of the American Academy of Nursing at the Academy’s Transforming Health, Driving Policy Conference in Washington, D.C.