Hurricane Harvey

"Imagine losing one’s home"

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Be a beach steward

Rather than collecting shells, bring a trash bag and litter stick or gloves next time you go for a stroll on the beach. Collecting litter from shorelines reduces the chance of contaminating the water and harming sea life.

Minimizing waste

Consider the minute details of your life and where you might have room to reduce the waste you produce and receive.

People over age 50 working longer

For many older adults, what used to be considered retirement age seems to be pushed back further every year. Longer life expectancies, limited savings and social security funds plus overall satisfaction in one’s work have resulted in an increase in the percentage of employed adults over age 55. Many older adults are considering the idea of “reverse retirement,” or delaying traditional retirement. But getting back into one’s former career field can be just as daunting as starting a new one.

Forty Winks

"Just find a sofa and recline"

A trip to Chelan

Eastern Washington is full of a variety of small, captivating and friendly towns to explore and learn about. No matter the time of year, the length of your stay or your budget, there is plenty to see and do in Chelan and Manson.

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Save Some Summer by Freezing Herbs Now

So many herbs! It's time to save some of their savory flavor for later in the year by cutting and freezing them now.

Embark on a wellness journey at Hilton Head Health

They come for a variety of reasons. Many hope to get in better physical shape; others want to learn how to eat more nutritiously. Then there are those who wish to destress and recharge their batteries. They are women and men, mothers and fathers, who over the years have put their health on hold to achieve professional or academic success, provide and tend to the needs of their families and care for aging parents.

I Save a Life Every Day

My title...maybe sounds arrogant--but it's true.

Paul Magid: Founding member of the world-famous Flying Karamazov Brothers

After a seven-year hiatus from Seattle, the Flying Karamazov Brothers, in partnership with Port Townsend’s NANDA (self-described juggling ninja acrobats), once again perform in Seattle for 19 shows beginning on September 19.

Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center: Celebrating 10 Years

You are invited to the Gala to celebrate the opening of the Longhouse. Held October 11th at Miner’s Landing at Pier 57 from noon to 3pm, the event will feature brunch and art auction.

In the Footsteps of a High School History Teacher

Suzanne was inspired to visit Bastogne, Belgium after reading her high school teacher’s memoir about his time during WWII. She was surprised to find a museum in the town honoring her teacher, Vince Speranza, and his 101st Airborne Division.

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Care, Comfort and Choice… When You Need it Most

Whether it’s you, your spouse or a dear friend, the time may come in a serious illness when a cure is no longer attainable. This would be the time to turn to Franciscan Hospice and Palliative Care.

Road Review: Dedicated to highway safety and saving seniors money!

Road Review is a Washington DOL Approved comprehensive online driver improvement course designed for people age 55 and older.


"My loyal, thirty-year-old vacuum cleaner sighed a dusty inhale."