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When life gives you lemons…

Winter citrus will add flavor and zing to a whole variety of dishes.

Discover southern jewel Oxford, Mississippi

Visitors entering Oxford, Mississippi's historic Square will come face-to-face with its famed Courthouse. The stately white building stands in the heart of town, creating a scene that looks like it came right out of one of John Grisham's legal thrillers.


poets--with delicate wits

ER Miracle

"I have never experienced any emotion like that since."


Acrostic Poem Challenge

"Cozumel, et al"

"...shunning the word 'trap'...”

Rescuing Ramen – How to make ramen noodles a low-salt meal

Even the lower-salt packages of ramen noodles could have you well on your way to your daily 2,000 mg salt limit.

What's Her Name?

"I’ll never forget ol’ what’s her name."

I'm So Busy

"I’m so busy I don’t have time to die."

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Awareness, Assertiveness are Key

Marysville resident and behavioral therapist Wendy Knowles never thought she was at risk for a heart attack, especially since she is only 47 and lives a healthy lifestyle

My Stroke at 92

The problem is not the stroke; it is my being physically handicapped for the first time in my 92 years

Flying High at Any Age

Something special happens when that childish urge creeps in and I feel like I am a lot younger...

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What Dogs Tell Us About Longevity

Drs. Daniel Promislow and Matt Kaeberlein are professors at the University of Washington involved in the study of aging. They also happen to share a love of dogs.

So Here I am

"When I was down, and it was hard to see up..."

Fall under the spell of the nation's oldest city

I greedily drank from the Fountain of Youth and patiently waited, but alas, the wrinkles and crow's feet remained etched on my face. The magical spring that was said to restore the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters didn't have the powers of transformation I had hoped it would, but I could see how such a belief would motivate Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon back in 1513.