Here are five easy-to-use resources to prevent Social Security fraud

September 24, 2022 at 4:12 p.m.

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There are a bevy of companies that provide traveling companion services to help older adults with the rigors of travel


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A string of late-life lucky encounters taught her that there was a “right” way to stand, walk, smile and even breathe

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Are Medicare ads that claim to put money back in your Social Security check true?


How the Inflation Reduction Act Will Lower Your Drug Costs

The Inflation Reduction Act includes significant improvements to the Medicare program that will kick off in the next few years


My Social Security

Compassionate Allowances allow for faster processing of disability claims for individuals with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease

Daily Check-In Services for Seniors Living Alone

"Can you recommend any services that check in on elderly seniors who live alone?"

What is an Annual Notice of Change?

The Annual Notice of Change is a letter you receive from your Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D prescription drug plan in late September

Compassionate Allowance

Last month, the Social Security Administration announced 12 new Compassionate Allowances conditions

Locals Seniors Share Words of Wisdom

The people he interviewed were becoming more ambitious, wiser and more wonderful as they age

Super Cheap Basic Cell Phone Plans for Frugal Seniors

Can you do a similar column for those of us who still use basic flip phones?


Alternatives to Showing Your Social Security Card

SSA has taken steps to offer alternate options to reduce the occasions when our customers would need to apply for a replacement card

Changing a Tech Device to Work Well for You

Bridget Agabra is teaching an online class through King County Library System about the topic of Changing a Tech Device to Work Well for You

Ways to Pay for Long-Term Care Without Insurance or Savings

My 86-year-old mother will need either an assisted living facility or nursing home care in the near future, but she doesn’t have long-term care insurance and her savings are minimal


Top 5 Social Security Fraud and Scam Prevention Tools

Protect yourself against Social Security Fraud