We adapt and change, exhibiting healthy resilience, just like individuals need to do as they age
BY WENDY PENDER | August 1, 2022 at 12:00 a.m.

Should You Take Daily Aspirin for Your Heart?

There's no doubt that taking low-dose daily aspirin is beneficial to most people who've had a heart attack or stroke. But....

How to Sell Unwanted Burial Plots

Life changes such as relocating, family disputes and divorce, along with the growing popularity of cremation in the U.S., is causing more and more people to sell previously purchased burial plots


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Water safety tips for a summer of fun


Electric Trikes Provide Older Riders Fun, Fitness and Safety

I’ve read that electric powered trikes are a good option for older riders but could use some help choosing one


Save by Paying Some Bills Yearly Instead of Monthly

It may be wise to consider paying some bills annually instead of a monthly basis


Can I Recycle This?

It is always necessary to check your regional recycling rules

How to Hire an In-Home Helper for an Aging Parent

Finding an in-home helper for your loved one

8 Services Provided by Social Security

Many Americans may not be aware of all the services provided by the Social Security Administration

The Best Ways to Access SSA Services

Highlighting the best way to access Social Security Administration's services...


An Old Scam Tactic Resurfaces

The Federal Office of the Inspector General offers these tips to help protect yourself


Be Proactive About Brain Health

Free virtual memory screenings are available every weekday to everyone with no minimum age or insurance prerequisites

How to Get Underutilized COVID Funeral Assistance Funds

The government program you are asking about is the COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Program

Adaptive Clothing

The chore of dressing and undressing in traditional clothing can be difficult for millions of people with certain health and mobility problems

Social Security News

While the report doesn't sound positive, the outlook on the combined Trust Funds improved from the previous report