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A Sudden Surprise

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May 4, 2024 at 12:19 p.m.
Pirate Ship from Pinterest (not the one Marilyn saw)
Pirate Ship from Pinterest (not the one Marilyn saw) Marilyn Michael

A Sudden Surprise

I got a lesson in appreciating the unexpected today. Encountering a “pirate ship” out my window was certainly an unforeseen gift.

Living on a boat, as I do, means that things are constantly changing, I know I take for granted the continuous movement of life outside my windows and the literal movement I experience with changes in weather conditions. My view is everchanging; I do not sit static, though on an inland lake, there is rarely any major movement.

Strangely, when the large earthquake hit Seattle some years ago, it wasn't felt by people on boats. The piling at the end of the dock going crazy was the only evidence of the earth's movement.

A friend commented that I may have more of a shock than I realize when I ultimately move back to land. This makes me think of how much I may not notice, how inattentive I often am.

For years, I taught folks how to use mental training to quiet their minds in order to reduce stress and dissipate the physical/chemical eruptions of emotions in their brains and bodies.

I urge you all to take some time to slow down, do some deep breathing, put your mind to any meditative or concentration practice you've learned.

I can't say a pirate ship will appear outside your window, but with a quieter, more focused mind, I'm sure you'll notice, and probably appreciate, things around you that can go ignored in the busyness of your life.

My "pirate ship" turned out to be The Lady Washington. Public tours and trips onboard her happen out of Historical Seaport in Grays Harbor.

Bio: Marilyn Michael has enjoyed her unique lifestyle while teaching a neurological approach to clinical hypnotherapy.

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