Where in Washington?

June 1, 2024 at 12:00 a.m.
If you know the name of this hotel, you may win $100
If you know the name of this hotel, you may win $100

Do you know where in Washington this image was taken? If so, you may win $100! 

Read the hints below for clues that will help you answer this question. 

HINT I: This historic hotel was built in 1886 as part of a company town that sprung up around the largest deposit of lime in the Northwest. Distinguished guests have included President Theodore Roosevelt.

HINT II: The hotel is part of a larger waterfront resort on San Juan Island's Roche Harbor.

HINT III: Your answer should be the name of the historic hotel.

The winner will be drawn at random from the correct answers sent to editor@northwestprimetime.com by June 27, 2024. If no correct answer is received, the $100 prize will transfer to the following contest.

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Congratulations to last month's contest winner: Nancy of Shoreline. 

The hints were: This "rainbow" bridge is located in a historic waterfront village in Northwest Washington's verdant Skagit County. This tiny town situated along the Swinomish Channel attracts tourist far and wide. It is known for boutiques, eateries and galleries. This town is the hub of Skagit Valley's annual Tulip Festival, along with neighboring Mount Vernon. The tiny town also boasts three museums, including a Quilt & Textile Museum, the Skagit County Historical Museum, and the Museum of Northwest Art, which celebrates contemporary Northwest art. This village is the perfect place to feature contemporary art, since some of Washington state’s most famous modern artists were from here... Morris Graves, Ken Callahan and Guy Anderson. These artists led an art movement known as the "Northwest School," which became known worldwide. 

The answer, of course, is La Conner! A few readers pointed out that the hints should have added the fact that famous writer Tom Robbins has lived in La Conner since 1970. A few of his many bestselling books include Another Roadside Attraction, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Still Life with Woodpecker.

Fun Fact: As the bridge in La Conner was being completed, it was painted a base color of orange-ish red, and the townsfolk loved it so much that they fought to keep the color, even though state law says every bridge has to be green. The fight went on for months and months. But finally, the state of Washington backed down and the La Conner got to keep their orange-ish, reddish "Rainbow Bridge."

You can watch a video about La Conner's "Rainbow Bridge," produced by TVW's My Favorite Places program and hosted by Ralph Munro. Munro was Washington's longtime Secretary of State. Here is the link: https://tvw.org/video/my-favorite-places-la-conner-wa-2020101093/

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