June 1, 2024 at 12:00 a.m.

The Boomerish strip by Steven Greenberg is one of the comics you can regularly see on  

Steven Greenberg spent his career as an editorial (political) cartoonist, but since 2011 he has also drawn a monthly comic strip for the 50-and-up crowd, Boomerish [now named DOING GRAY T]. Steven's main job is laying out newspaper pages for a suburban division of the Los Angeles Times. Steve has lived in L.A., the Bay Area and is now in Arizona, but from 1986 to early 2000 he was on staff at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, where he worked in the art department and shared editorial cartooning duties with David Horsey. “As a teen I had thoughts of doing comic books, but in college I got completely hooked on editorial cartooning; to me that was artistically exciting, endlessly varied, great fun and very personally expressive. Writing Boomerish has been great fun, and I try to keep finding some different aspect of life to deal with each time (food, health, memory, personal values, inter-generational issues, music, etc.).” His goal has been to do a really good comic strip that happens to be about life over age 50 but keeping it fun and snarky and readable to other ages. Inspirations for the strips often come from his own experiences or his observations of friends, family and random strangers, and the main characters are composites of him and other people he’s known.


UPDATE: Steve has changed the longtime Boomerish title to DOING GRAYt, since the "over 50" crowd now includes GEN-X, the generation that comes after Baby Boomers. "My reasoning," says Steve, "is that younger over-50 readers might find [Boomerish] kind of exclusionary."

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