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They Waited

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April 12, 2024 at 1:56 p.m.
Pink Dogwood from Pinterest
Pink Dogwood from Pinterest Charles N. Inge

"They Waited"

And now the buds of dogwood

swivel their red eyes about,

anxious for the sight of her.

Though it’s a winter dream,

they’re in a rush to grow up.

Some day display pink and white faces,

impatient for a sparkling spring.

How they peer for many hours,

restless for the sight of her.

Branches loll about,

talking of her warm cedar bench.

They know it’s time

for this great event.

How can I tell them,

her life has been spent?

Pink umbrellas close.

Cries come from within.

Next year’s bud eyes

will also look about

to see if Pam has come out.

These buds drop befuddled,

form a red blood puddle.

They are baffled with

Mother Nature’s puzzle.

Charles N. Inge is a Lynden, Washington resident and frequent writer for Northwest Prime Time and writing friend of Ariele’s. This is his ode to the dogwood. Go to “search” for Sharing Stories to see more of his poems.

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