Grandson Gets Life Lessons from 101-Year-Old Grandfather

September 2, 2023 at 7:01 p.m.
Neurologist Howard Tucker holds the record for being the oldest practicing doctor. He also teaches medical residents. Photo courtesy "" -- which is a documentary about his life.
Neurologist Howard Tucker holds the record for being the oldest practicing doctor. He also teaches medical residents. Photo courtesy "" -- which is a documentary about his life.


A recent article in Business Insider highlights the life of 101-year-old neurologist, Howard Tucker. “He holds the record for being the oldest practicing doctor, and just got a new teaching gig at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio,” writes Kim Schewitz in the August 16, 2023 article.

Tucker’s grandson, Austin Tucker, 26, grew up knowing that his grandfather valued learning and new experiences. He speaks to his grandfather most days and is now producing a documentary about his life and 75-year-long career.

"We hope that this movie will uplift and inspire people to invest in our seniors who sometimes are overlooked, but still have so much to contribute," said Austin.

This recent article is not the first time Dr. Tucker has been featured in Insider. In the last report, the good doctor listed the keys to a long life, which include staying interested in the world around you and keeping a youthful mindset. And, of course, Dr. Tucker acknowledges that genetics plays a role too.

Austin Tucker is continually inspired by his grandfather. This article outlines the biggest takeaways he has learned from observing the centenarian.

“At the age of 67, Howard Tucker passed the bar exam and became a lawyer, while still practicing medicine full time, simply because he was interested in it,” Austin told Insider.

While his grandfather struggles with technology, he is willing to learn and always trying to understand new things. “If he’s gonna do something, he’s gonna go a hundred percent.” His grandfather’s mindset to conquer challenges is a great inspiration to Austin.

The article cites research that suggests that openness and conscientiousness like Dr. Tucker’s are associated with a longer life.

Some of Dr. Tucker’s other keys to a long life include letting go of anger. Another of Dr. Tucker’s keys to life, which probably contributes to his long marriage, is the need to compromise and to respect the other person. “If you’re wrong, admit it. If you’re right, shut up,” Howard Tucker said.

“And it seems he's on to something, with research suggesting that having good relationships lowers the risk of dying, regardless of age, and can even help reduce the physical aches and pains that come with aging,” writes Schewitz.

Approach life with moderation

Dr. Tucker doesn’t believe in extreme measures. While it’s important to exercise and eat well, “no fad diets, no special workout routines,” he advises.

Dr. Tucker still runs two to three miles on a treadmill a few times a week. His diet consists mainly of fruits, vegetables, and fish – with the occasional martini and spot of ice cream thrown in for good measure.

Other important factors include getting enough sleep, minimizing stress, and avoiding risky behaviors. Dr. Tucker’s advice reflect the findings of a recent study suggesting that simple habits like these can add decades to your life.

Here is information about his grandfather from Austin Tucker’s website for his documentary: 

“A violinist and classical music aficionado. A bow tie and sports car enthusiast. A ballroom dance instructor. A World War II and Korean War veteran. A lawyer who passed the bar exam at 67 years old. The second Jewish physician to be hired at the Cleveland Clinic. A daredevil skier and hiker who has escaped death three times. A neurologist who has been practicing medicine for 75 years, and currently Guinness World Records’ “’Oldest Practicing Doctor.’ This is Howard Tucker! Retirement is simply not in the books for Dr. Tucker. Treating thousands of patients, teaching medicine to new residents, and his own continued education are all a part of what keeps him engaged and amped.” 

Learn more about the documentary and about Dr. Tucker here: What's Next? (


You can read the full article by following this link: The grandson of a 101-year-old neurologist shares 3 lessons for a long, happy life that he learned from his grandpa

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