Mother Nature, earth’s greatest artist

The Autumn Leaves

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October 30, 2023 at 10:33 a.m. April Ryan


I slipped on wet leaves, slick as snow.
Lost my balance—shouldn’t I know?

Seasons change—disappearing hot days,
fogged mornings covering chilly sun rays.

Mother Nature’s paintbrush, earth’s greatest artist,
stained leaves match her mood-ring color test.

The maple tree near my window—summer green,
painted touch of Mother Nature’s wand—unseen.

Overnight she dressed up leaves in radiant red,
looking like a flame—hotter than a match head.

Atmospheric Rivers dumped overflowing rain…
cats and dogs—the sky falling down the drain.

Father Time welcomed autumn with a thunderbolt,
directed a baton of lightning—a soaring, roaring jolt.

The backyard camouflaged in falling leaves,
multicolored like 60’s shag carpet weaves.

Bright sun cleansed dark clouds—a daytime return to order.
Drying rows of autumn leaves—look like a wallpaper border.

Autumn leaves à blushing strippers baring branches,
preparing for seasonal springtime blooming dances.

April Ryan, Seattleite, is a retired bus driver and active poet, often appearing in Northwest Prime Time’s ezine. 

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