How To Balance Caring for Your Children and Aging Parents

November 15, 2023 at 10:28 a.m.

Caring for one’s family members of various ages feels as if you’re being pulled in all different directions. One moment you’re taking your child to school, and the next, you’re driving your parents to doctor’s appointments. The responsibilities can feel as if they never end.

Working to find equilibrium among these obligations is an important part of the equation.

The trick is to balance caring for your loved ones while still prioritizing your own well-being.

Find Appropriate Housing for Your Parents

A fundamental aspect of caring for your parents is ensuring they have safe and comfortable living arrangements. These arrangements can be making modifications to their current home, purchasing a new home for their retirement, helping them move into a retirement community, or inviting them to move in with you.

Each of these options will depend on your and your parents’ financial situations, health, and personal preferences. If you find yourself caring for both your parents and your children, it is time to think about which form of housing will benefit your family and parents’ lifestyles in the long run.

Create a Detailed Interactive Schedule

Managing your time effectively is crucial when you’re caring for both children and aging parents. An interactive schedule can serve as a valuable tool to help you maintain balance.

Interactive scheduling is more substantial than your average to-do list. It incorporates a system that allows your children, parents, and partner to interact with it. Everyone will make adjustments to the schedule as needed, and this can be one step in making your responsibilities easier to manage.

Hire Additional Help

Aging parents and growing children are tough to handle alone. Sometimes, additional help is essential to maintaining your sanity.

Consider hiring a babysitter or nanny that you trust. You can tend to other responsibilities, knowing that your kids are taken care of.
Additionally, consider hiring a home health aide, private duty nurse or other in-home help to assist your parents and monitor their health conditions.

Many older parents have health complications that exceed your knowledge and caretaking abilities. It’s never a bad thing to seek assistance when things become too much. While this option can be expensive, having a caregiver there to ensure your parents take their medication, to check their vitals, or even provide company when you’re away from home can be a lifesaver.

Find Activities to Fill Your Parents’ Time

Keeping your aging parents actively engaged is as important as providing them with appropriate housing and medical care. Encouraging them to participate in activities will stimulate their minds and bodies and provide opportunities to socialize.

Give your parents examples of activities to try during retirement to fill their time and live a more fulfilling life. You’ll feel less pressure on yourself to cater to your parents’ health-related and social needs when they have plans and activities they love.

Give Yourself Time and Space to Recoup

We often push our mental health aside when caring for others, especially family members, and it worsens as we endure more stressful situations. That’s why you must give yourself time and space to unwind from these busy times.

Take a day off work or a weekend to do activities you enjoy. Get a facial, read a book, or visit a new restaurant. Forget about your responsibilities for a moment and take advantage of this undivided time. Afterward, you will feel refreshed and ready to tackle your caregiver responsibilities once again.

Learning how to balance caring for your children and aging parents can be challenging. Put your best foot forward, take care of yourself, and let these tips guide you in the right direction.

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