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May 23, 2023 at 6:28 a.m.
Don tips his hat to all his friends and neighbors. Staying engaged with them helps him live a happier, longer life.
Don tips his hat to all his friends and neighbors. Staying engaged with them helps him live a happier, longer life. Don Sivertsen



Alone at 86 in my own old house with nothing but memories. 

When I come home, my local crow friends are waiting for a handout of the dry cat food I keep in the trunk of my car. I feed them. Someone is glad to see me.

I go inside the house. It’s quiet. Too quiet. I have to turn on the radio or TV. That is better. 

I go into the dining room where my recorder catches any calls I may have had. A big zero shows I have not had any calls for several days.

I sit down to read a book, one I read many years ago. 

Out of the quietness, my phone rings. Maybe it is a friend or my son. A pause, a tape recorder asks for a donation to a police charity or offers a special on cleaning my rugs or sometimes someone telling me who to vote for. I hang up and go back to my book. 

Solitude. Bah Humbug.

Don Sivertsen, now 96, still telling stories at a writing group and for us on Sharing Stories. This piece is an excerpt of his book Laughs, Luck, & Life: From A to Z which is available through Amazon.

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