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Truth does shine and ring like a bell

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July 16, 2023 at 2:54 p.m.
We only really know the waves we see.
We only really know the waves we see.

...by John W. Sweazey

"Truth does shine and ring like a bell."

I can feel the sound of distant waves on a beach that
we can only imagine the water of.

We can never go back to where we were,
but only grasp at where we see.

Dreams, dreams, dreams
about the old job. 

Uncle Jack from his grandma's side of the family,
(Mother's mother),
played jazz for funerals in New Orleans. 

John W. Sweazey, retired Emeritus from the University of Washington at fifty, in order to spend more time reading, thinking, philosophizing, rock climbing, recording videotapes, designing better geodesic domes, continuing to keep daily journals, contacting those in power with ideas, learning Greek dances with my wife, sharing Ivars fish and chips with her, enjoying the ultimate pleasure of helping my family, friends, and neighbors with their cars, homes, aging and parenting, loving my animals, learning, learning, learning. Thanks for listening!

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