I Did What -- All Those Years Ago?

January 13, 2023 at 12:56 p.m.

...by Diana Couture

Since 2009, Diana Couture has been delighting Northwest Prime Time readers with the ongoing adventures of Rose and Dawn, our favorite Octogenarians.  


Rose, one half of our favorite octogenarian dynamic duo, was at home expecting a friend from her porcelain group to come over for tea. She had fluffed all the pillows and warmed the tea pot in preparation. And was wondering why Lynette had asked if she could come over to see Rose and maybe have some tea.

Lynette and Rose had been friends long ago when John was still alive. She and Lynette and their husbands had played cards and sometimes gone to the Latona Tavern for a glass of beer or wine back then. She smiled as she remembered some of the ‘tipsy times’ they had at the tavern.

Of course, John was always the ‘designated driver’ since he didn’t drink a drop. But as Rose remembered it, no one had to worry about driving because they always walked the five blocks to the tav and then laughed and became solid citizens again on their walk home.

Since John’s death, Lynette had just been a friend from her porcelain class. It wasn’t as much fun playing cards or tipping a glass without John. Nothing was as fun without him…but life must go on and so Rose fluffed the pillows again and made sure the guest towels were set out in the powder room.

Lynette arrived in a cloud of her favorite cologne − Tabu. Rose welcomed her with an ‘air kiss’ and helped her out of her coat. “Come into the kitchen, it’s cozier in there,” Rose invited as she hung Lynette’s wrap. “Your perfume reminds me of some really fun times, Lynette. It’s a breath of fresh air.”

“Oh dear,” Lynette cried. “It’s not too strong, is it? I think I’m losing my sense of smell. Bob tells me that sometimes I smell like a French… well, like something French because my perfume is too strong.”

Rose cackled and poured the tea. “No, dear. Of course you don’t smell like a French … something. It’s wonderful. It makes me think of the good times we’ve had. Remember the evenings of cards and trips to the Latona Tavern?”

“Strange you should bring that up, Rose. That’s sort of why I wanted to talk to you,” Lynette began. “Do you remember a few years ago when we were at the Latona talking about Bob’s brother who had just adopted a kitten? We all thought he was crazy because with the long lifespan of cats, little ‘Pixie’ would probably outlive us all. I recall we had a good laugh, fueled no doubt by some lovely Chablis from the Latona wine collection.” Rose sipped her tea and squinted.

“Well, I don’t remember that specific conversation, but I know that Bob’s brother had some health problems at that time. and we were all worried about him. But he’s doing okay now, isn’t he?” Rose queried.

“Actually, he just passed away last week. Bob and I are in the process of settling his estate,” Lynette said very matter-of-factly.

“Oh my. I’m so sorry for your loss, Lynnie. How’s Bob doing?” Lynette went on to explain that Bob was fine and that the passing was a blessing. She hemmed and hawed some more about how one is never ready for these things and how much work there is for those left behind. And then she lifted her eyes from her plate of shortbread and looked right into Rose’s eyes.

Rose immediately sat at attention. She knew something horrible was coming. But she couldn’t imagine what! She hardly knew Bob or his brother. She girded herself for some bad news…and then it came. “Rosie, that night at the Latona, when we were talking about the kitten and his potential life span, you sweetly offered to take little Pixie when and if the need arose.” Lynette smiled shyly and picked up her cup.

Rose stared at the half of Lynette’s face that wasn’t covered with teacup. She couldn’t be saying…yes, I think she’s inferring…well, what? OH NO! Rose took a deep breath and softly spoke, “Are you saying that Pixie is still in this world and that somehow, because of a conversation after two glasses of Chablis fifteen years ago, I have become a caregiver to a very aged cat? Really, Lynette. Think about what you’re asking.”

“Oh, I’m thinking about it, all right,” Lynette chided. I’ve been thinking about it since my husband brought that wretch…ah that cute and cuddly kitten to my house. It was a verbal contract, Rosie…HELP.” ❖
…To Be Continued 

The Ongoing, Life-Affirming Adventures of Rose and Dawn was inspired by Diana Couture’s aunt and her aunt’s best friend. This colorful column was born when she set about telling these dear octogenarians’ true-life experiences. Rose and Dawn remain perennial 80-somethings to this day.  Diana's entertaining Italian family continues to inspire her to write; the stories literally come from what happens to Diana, her friends and family. 
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