1st gathering since pandemic

The Event of the Season

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August 6, 2023 at 6:05 a.m.
Left to Right: Marcia, Rena, Bev, Kathleen, and April for lunch at SPARTA'S Restaurant.
Left to Right: Marcia, Rena, Bev, Kathleen, and April for lunch at SPARTA'S Restaurant.

...by April Ryan

               Lunar Orbiter Space Needle Treat


We sat at a table of time.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Five friends gathered for a lighthearted lunchtime celebration,

say, “Hi” and “Ta-ta for now”—one moves to new destination.

Tasty lunch leftovers—I woke up at midnight to reheat a slice

of pizza—delightful, sugar and spice friendships without price.

We sat at a table of time.

Tick, tock.. Tick, tock.. Tick, tock..

Conversations replayed half a century ago—vintage turntable,

working at the Space Needle—watched stars like Betty Grable.

The ceramic “Haystack in the Needle”—always a playful laugh,

dessert Lunar Orbiter ice cream dish—floating on a cloud bath.

We sat at a table of time.

Tick, tock, tick… Tick, tock, tick… Tick, tock, tick…

Oh, how the years fly by, while sharing this life of change,

at times a tear in an eye—maybe laughter too silly or strange.

I don’t recall the lunch discovering we were “the lefty” bunch,

no worry about elbow fencing—stabbing right-handed crunch.

We sat at a table of time.

Tick, tock, tick, tock…. Tick, tock, tick…. Tock, tick…. Tock….

Long ago birthday celebrations to the grinding Hurdy Gurdy.

A scary pandemic, germy-germy—felt alone and topsy-turvy.

This fresh time for friends gathering—a renewing completion.

No rhyme or reason—our lunch, “the event of the season.”

April Ryan is a Washington writer and poet who has been frequently published in Northwest Prime Time.

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