Compliments from a Student

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April 24, 2023 at 11:53 a.m.
"Your hands speak a language of their own."
"Your hands speak a language of their own." Linda DeHaven

 “Compliments from a Student”

Your hands
  speak a language of their own.
     Long, tapered, slender
       dancers in a symphony,
         pausing, leaping,
            flowing life.
              Shy, they stroke your face,
                  return and flee,
                       as daring fawns,
                          they bow beneath the moment.
        Masters of soul-soaring music,  
            they weave a path of living fire.
                                To my friend, Ariele,
                                      Truly, Linda DeHaven 

Linda DeHaven was a member of Ariele’s Writing Group held at Ballard High School in 1987. This complimentary poem was given to her at the end of the class. We all love compliments, and they are a great way to bond relationships.

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