8 moving ways to make Veterans Day meaningful for kids

(BPT) - Her grandfather fought in World War II, her father in Vietnam and her college boyfriend in Desert Storm.

Friends and Lovers: A Balancing Act

When you meet your partner in midlife, you probably have friends who are important to you. It can be a challenge to balance your time and attention between your friends and your partner.

The Power of Small Caring Behaviors

How can you show your love for your partner in ways that really matter? You may be surprised to realize how powerful small signs of caring can be.

Accepting Your Aging Body

Here's what happens when you can't accept the changes that aging brings to your body: you may shun intimate relationships, you may shut down your sexuality, you may see yourself as ugly, and you may avoid activities you would otherwise enjoy.

How Well Do You Know Your Cat?

(Family Features) As a cat owner, you do your best to take care of your pet.

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The Perils of Gift-Giving

The holiday gift-giving season is upon us, and it can be an emotional minefield for people in new relationships.

Make the big move less stressful for the 4-legged members of the family

(BPT) - When moving houses, you make a checklist of the utility companies you need to contact for stopping and starting services. You also schedule all the volunteer or professional movers to pack, transport and unpack your belongings, and you let all your friends and family members know your new address.

Telling Your Love Story

Your stories—how you met and fell in love, how you knew you were right for each other, and how you decided to become a couple—are important.

Pet-proofing your home in preparation for adopting a shelter animal

(BPT) - The addition of a new pet to the family is always a cause for celebration. Stress can occur, too, no matter how welcome the new addition. When you’re thinking about adopting a pet from an animal shelter, some preparation can help ensure he or she is as safe and happy as possible.

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Older Hearts Break, Too

When you choose to enter the dating arena, you are taking risks – including the risk of a broken heart.

Reimagining Your Life Together

Beginning a new relationship in midlife or beyond provides the perfect opportunity to reconsider how you want to spend the rest of your life.

World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day is September 28. On this day, begin to take steps to keep yourself and your family free from rabies.

Keep Family Safe from Home’s Hidden Hazards

In the U.S. alone, approximately 60 million people suffer from asthma and allergies, which according to the American Lung Association can be triggered by mold for those who are allergic.

Memory Loss and the Midlife Couple

The last thing we expected when we found each other was that our journey would include Alzheimer’s Disease.

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When One of You Retires

Most couples plan financially for retirement, but they may not realize that their relationship dynamics may change, as well as their financial status.