Holidays for caregivers hold unique challenges that can be successfully met with strategies for healthy priorities and refocused expectations.

December 13, 2013 at 6:00 a.m.

WWII veteran receives recognition with pinning ceremony at end of life

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and Providence Hospice of Seattle are using the national "We Honor Veterans" campaign, a comprehensive program funded by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) aimed at treating veterans at the end of their lives, to benefit veterans.

Help your elderly parents retire from driving when it's time

Helping your parents understand when it is time to turn in their car keys for safety is an important, but difficult task. Here are several tips to make that job easier.

Tech gadgets that can reduce the burden of being a constant caregiver

Learn about some of the gadgets that are available on the market today which can make your job of caregiver much simpler and less stressful.

The health risks of being a full-time caregiver to your spouse

Find out what the health risks are of being a fulltime family caregiver, and what you can do to seek help.

Today's assisted living facilities and how they differ from our preconceptions

Assisted living facilities are no longer dirty or lonely. Today's senior homes provide a healthy and happy atmosphere for older individuals.

10 critical questions to ask of home care service providers

Before you hire a home health care service provider, there are 10 important questions you should ask them. Find out what those questions are.

Tips on making your home “senior safe”

Find out what steps you can take to make your home safe, removing some of the dangers that could cause you physical injury.

Exploring alternatives to senior assisted living

Several Medicare programs are designed to help seniors remain living in their homes. Learn how to avoid a nursing home and pay for in-home nursing care.

Top tips on what to look for in a master planned community

Top tips for choosing a new investment home in a master planned community.

Hanging up the keys: A beginner's guide to graduating to public transportation

The bus system can be frightening and confusing at first, but keep these tips in mind and tackling public transport will be easy.

When is it time to consider a senior assisted living facility?

Knowing when to move aging parents to an assisted living facility is complicated. Yet there are some definite signals you can use to make that decision.


Tips on coping with being thrust into the role of caregiver for an ill or aging spouse

Being a caregiver for an ailing spouse can be emotionally and physically draining. Learn strategies and tips for getting the support you need while providing the care your loved one requires.
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