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Everything is changed for the Queen of Mean when she finds...the freckle!

A different FREE eBook each Sunday (except holidays) and a couple of Wednesdays.

You can find them by going to Amazon.com and putting the title and my name (Ariele M. Huff) in the Search box. Or you can clink on the link in this story!

May 24th & Wednesdays May 27th & June 3rd

The Queen of Mean: The Conversion of a Cold and Prejudiced Heart http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TMCFPBG A tattoo appears and comes to life, transforming a bitter bureaucrat with letters in her own handwriting and nightly out-of-body travel. True stories from immigrants and refugees mingle with folktales and myths in a book that shows how spirits can bring magical change—whether you want it or not! Fantasy novella. (Also available in paperback.)

June 7th KITTEN LOVE: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OOHB068 Three kittens in a box under a bush. What was I to do but take them home? In this game changing choice, I've learned a lot about myself, my husband, our two elderly pets, and how a single moment can make your life over--whether you wanted that or not! It's a raucous ride with melting moments and unbelievably adorable kittens. Plus, a couple of bumbling pet owners hoping to survive their best intentions. HELP!

June 14th Crazy Cat Ladies and why we do that http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00V975HKG This is the story of how my husband and I graduated from lifetime owners of one-cat-at-a-time to Crazy Cat Ladies and why we love it so much. The answer is NOT what you think it is!

June 28th Making Mud Angels: Winning Strategies in Tough Times http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00S0JD7M6 Need a fresh start? Help is here. Achieve success when finances, diet, health, or relationships are troubled. Easy Action Plans are gifts from tried and true wisdoms of the ages. Join the fun path to a better life. (Also available in paperback.)

Contact: ariele@comcast.net

Ariele Huff is a third generation Seattleite, an author of eBooks, a columnist for Northwest Prime Time, and a teacher of writing classes and workshops.

SHARING STORIES is a weekly column for and about the 50 plus crowd living in the Puget Sound region. Send your stories and photos to ariele@comcast.net. Tell local or personal stories; discuss concerns around aging and other issues; share solutions, good luck, and reasons to celebrate; poems are fine too. Pieces may be edited or excerpted. We reserve the right to select among pieces. Photos are always a plus and a one-sentence bio is requested (where you live, maybe age or career, retired status, etc.).

SHARING STORIES is featured on www.northwestprimetime.com, the website for Northwest Prime Time, a monthly publication for baby boomers, seniors, retirees, and those contemplating retirement. The newspaper can be found in the greater Seattle area and other Puget Sound locations. For more information, call 206-824-8600 or visit www.northwestprimetime.com. To find other SHARING STORIES articles on this website type "sharing stories" in the search function above.

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