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Moses--a Tongue in Cheek Poem

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August 1, 2022 at 5:25 a.m.
Moses in the desert.
Moses in the desert. Colleen Long

[a tongue-in-cheek poem]

When Moses started out to travel on the desert long and wide,
he should have been more careful when he started out his ride.
I wonder if he thought as he led the crowd astray,
“Why didn’t I take someone who could show us all the way?
Instead of rabble rousers and pesky idol makers,
what I really wish I’d brought were some expert navigators.”
I suppose that Moses was a nice man, but he really was a sap, 

to start a trip without directions—not even took a map.
I can hear his wife complaining as they rested in their tent.
“The years are going by, and my back is really bent.
We’re no closer to the promised land than we were before.
Oh, why didn’t you ask directions at that last Egyptian store?”

Collen Long is a Seattle poet, and she knows it. 😊

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