Sharing Stories


Our days are a hodge-podge

of planets and gods:

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are celestial bodies,

Saturn, Sun, and Moon.

The rest are Tuesday—Tyr,

Wednesday—Odin, Thursday—Thor,

and Friday is Freya. Norse.

Once they were all Gods of the Romans:

Lunes, Martes, Miercoles, Jueves,

Viernes, Sabado, and Domingo.

Time passed and others ruled,

subbing new gods’ names.

Now centuries later, students

look puzzled when told,

“Tuesday is for Mars.”

Virginia Serna is a Washington writer, working on her memoir and some poems.

SHARING STORIES is a weekly column for and about the 50 plus crowd living in the Puget Sound region. Send your stories and photos to ariele@comcast.net. Tell local or personal stories; discuss concerns around aging and other issues; share solutions, good luck, and reasons to celebrate; poems are fine too. Pieces may be edited or excerpted. We reserve the right to select among pieces. Photos are always a plus and a one-sentence bio is requested (where you live, maybe age or career, retired status, etc.).

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