Skyping is Surprisingly Satisfying

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Come Skype with us!

Skyping is Surprisingly Satisfying

Seeing others while they speak—no masks needed! Being able to watch a friend with his new grandchild, seeing old friends after long separation is only better when you add in hearing their voices, watching their movements, seeing a bit of their homes, pets, housemates. All that has been surprisingly satisfying for me. A whole new way to navigate around quarantining versus catching corona.

This has gotten me excited about offering virtual groups and classes. I got the camera with microphone for only $30 and have been looking into the options for having some connection with other people, just shy of risking infection.

The mentioned problems with Zoom are numerous—hacking and fees are at the top of the list. Most of my Zoom and Skype acquainted friends recommend Skype which can be done with more than one person (many people don’t know that) and it’s free. It also seems quite self-explanatory.

I’d love to pull together a Write about Your Life group. Let me know if you’re interested in participating!

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Ariele M. Huff

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