0 to 100 Project

0 to 100 project

Seattle photographer Ahamed Iqbal is looking to work with seniors over the age of 50 as part of a long-term photography project about how people age. So far, he’s photographed over 280 people ranging in age from newborns to 95. His goal is to photograph four different people of each age and ask them 10 general questions about their life and their opinions. In the end, Ahamed hopes to show how time changes people’s faces and thoughts, and to write a book about it.

“I’ve always been fascinated by aging and how each person’s journey through life can be so dramatically different,” said Ahamed about how he came up with the project. “I also wondered why aging is often viewed as a negative thing when we all must go through it. I knew that people’s views on aging often change as they themselves age, so I wanted to cover the full range of ages from 0 to 100+.” He adds, “As a photographer I’m used to capturing images of people at different ages, but I wanted to also discover and record how their thoughts about life differed at different life stages. My project is the combination of my curiosity about how others age and a way to discover and reinforce what is meaningful and special in my own life.”

To volunteer to have your photo taken and answer the questions, email project@zincphoto or call Ahamed at all 610-986-1173 to set up a convenient location and time to meet. Be sure to include your current age. For more information about the project, visit www.zincphoto.com/0to100.

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