John Schieszer

Medical Minutes Contributor

John Schieszer, Northwest Prime Time's Medical Minutes columnist, pictured with a few of his dahlias. "When cut, the flowers produce new ones immediately. It is like magic,” he says.

...by Nicole Martinson

John Schieszer has seen a revolution in medicine over the last 20 years. He finds it immensely rewarding when things he wrote about years ago as future options become a reality. Schieszer keeps up with medical advancements, which he says are becoming increasingly more digital. He enjoys sharing this information and has always wanted to be a journalist as his curiosity drives him. Schieszer comes from a large family of seven siblings and grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. He is now living in Burien and has resided in the West Seattle area for the past 22 years. Schieszer uses his experience working at seven radio stations when creating podcasts that focus on more technical information. When he’s not writing or podcasting, he enjoys hiking in the Olympic Peninsula and growing dahlias in his garden. “I grow many different varieties. I like them the most because they come in all shapes and sizes and the more you pick the more you get. When cut, the flowers produce new ones immediately. It is like magic.”