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Are you daunted, an early adapter or somewhere in between?

Whatever your comfort zone with digital devices, KCLS can help you navigate the online realm, from getting acquainted with your own array of equipment—smart phones to tablets to laptops—to tips, blogs and classes on software, databases and online tools. To get started, call Ask KCLS at 1-800-462-9600.

Once you’re comfortably online, head to www.kcls.org/browse/50, designed especially for adults in midlife and beyond! You’ll find KCLS resources and activities, plus links to other useful information just for the 50+ crowd.

Below are some of the discoveries you’ll find there, but first, start your new adventure with this inspiring video (http://ow.ly/ZqVr30330JV). It will change your perspective on aging!

SeniorHomeshares: You’ve heard of match.com and dating sites? Here’s a “roommate matching” site. If you have extra room in your home, consider finding compatible roommates who need housing. The owner of this business (a former librarian) is committed to helping seniors find the right match. Brilliant!

KCLS Programs: Wisdom Cafes, the Arts & Technology Fest for adults, Everyone’s Talking About It, Senior Story Hour, programs on genealogy, retirement and more!

NextAvenue: PBS’ newsletter which “aims to inspire, engage and inform people as we embark on the journey of growing older and wiser.” Always worth a read!

www.vets-go.com: Hopelink’s new site to find your best transportation options plus resources for housing, employment, mental health services and more. Useful for everyone!

Northwest Center for Creative Aging: Supporting adults in finding their purpose and living into their potential by presenting programs that inform, inspire and engage.

3rd Act Magazine: A new regional online and print magazine for “aging with confidence” at many community locations including libraries. First year free!

Social Security: Who understands all the nuances behind Social Security? Each month the Social Security Administration puts out explanations in plain English.

Tech 50+: People age 50 and over with years of experience in the tech industry showcase their favorite websites and tech apps!

On that same webpage (www.kcls.org/browse/50), be sure to scroll down to see booklists galore under the heading “Staff Picks,” including the following relevant topics. You can also visit a library and ask your friendly librarian to get the specific book recommendations from these lists:

Aging Well - There are many actions we can take to remain vibrant and vital in our later years. Wisdom, resilience and savoring the moment are skills we can cultivate at any age. Take a look at these resources for help and ideas!

Hope & Inspiration - Everyone needs hope and inspiration. The library has many resources to lift our spirits - discover new favorites here!

Caregiving - Caregiving was one of the hottest topics at the White House conference on aging last year. Learn more with these resources!

I’ve Retired, Now What? - With many people experiencing 20-30 “bonus years” beyond retirement, old modes of thinking have given way to new possibilities for this next chapter.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia - According to the CDC, other forms of chronic illness are declining, while the rise in Alzheimer’s and dementia is accelerating. Here is hope and help for people living with dementia and their caregivers.

Downsizing & Decluttering - Many older adults have accumulated a lot of things over the years they no longer need. Check out one of these guides for decluttering and downsizing.

Leaving Your Legacy - What is left of us once we’ve departed this earth? Here are resources to help you think about and plan your legacy, what you leave behind.

Community & Housing - Housing is one of the major concerns as we age. Like all human problems, innovative solutions are evolving to address it.

Have a community resource you’d like to share or a booklist topic you’d like to see? Contact me! And check us out online, www.kcls.org/browse/50.

Wendy Pender can be reached at 425-369- 3285 or wgpender@kcls.org.

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