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Spring flowers Whidbey Island


It is the Autumn of my life but it is the Springtime of the year.

To which season shall I succumb?

My Autumn life has come to fruition. Gray hair, achiness, fatigue, failing memory, and wrinkles are my unwelcome daily companions.

All around me, the world begins to unfold and declare itself anew. Spring is exploding to fruition with the delirious warbling of birds, brilliantly painted landscapes that come alive, luring the feasting eye, and lusty, intoxicating scents.

My autumn days grow shorter, but each spring day grows blessedly longer.

Oh yes, for this brief, glorious time, I shall feel young again and wrap myself in the beauty and splendor around me. I will surrender to Spring!

Teresa VanMieghem is a retired Washington teacher, mother of four grown children and enjoying her writing and spending time with her grandchildren.

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