All Aboard Amtrak on the Empire Builder

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This month Amtrak is featuring the Empire Builder with popular stops in Leavenworth, Spokane, Whitefish, Montana and Glacier National Park. Next month, look for the Coast Starlight route from Seattle to Southern California.

The romance and popularity of train travel is on the rise, especially with seniors and boomers wanting relaxed, carefree travel with a spouse, a fun way to reconnect with friends or to take the grandkids on a magical adventure they will never forget. Some call train travel a cruise ship on rails: relaxation, fine dining, breathtaking scenery, sleeping accommodations and excursions.

Empire Builder: The Rugged Splendor of the American West

Traveling daily between Seattle and Chicago—with popular stops in Leavenworth, Spokane, Whitefish, Montana and Glacier National Park—the Empire Builder takes you on an exciting adventure through majestic wilderness.

Jim Brzezinski, Route Director for Amtrak, says, “Part of the joy of train travel is comfort and a relaxed schedule. Amtrak offers a variety of sleepers from roomettes, deluxe roomettes and a family car for four. Those booking sleepers enjoy full service dining included in the cost of the ticket, and access to the Observation Lounge Car – a great place to hang out.” (More information about sleepers is in following article.)

“Leavenworth is a fun trip, but one of our biggest destinations from Seattle is Montana. You board at 4:40pm, have dinner, retire to your private sleeper and wake up in Whitefish. Or have breakfast onboard, and the next stop is Glacier National Park.

“Amtrak Vacations Packages are for those who love a tour or a package – all by train! In the Northwest, you may see wild animals like bears, bighorn sheep or a moose, or take a trip to the top of the mountain.” Packages can offer excursions, historic and luxury accommodations, shopping and gourmet dining.

Amtrak has special accommodations for seniors such as an accessible sleeper car, menus that accommodate health concerns and a year-round senior discount. “Amtrak is very welcoming to seniors,” says Brzezinski Learn more about senior discounts at www.amtrak.com/seniors-discount/.

“Hotels along our routes provide package deals for Amtrak customers and they make everything so easy. Another benefit of train travel is that you don’t have to go through security as you do on a plane,” he advises.

“All in all, Amtrak is a wonderful way to travel.”

Popular Empire Builder Destinations

• Leavenworth is a Bavarian Village with shopping and grand celebrations throughout the year in the midst of spectacular scenery. It boasts varied accommodations and dining, tours, wine tasting and a quirky nutcracker museum. Nearby wilderness offers biking, hiking, skiing and more.

• Whitefish, Montana serves up rustic charm amid the rugged beauty of the Rockies. Nestled at the foot of Big Mountain and within a short distance of Glacier National Park, the area offers no shortage of accommodations and outdoor activities for all seasons from cycling, hiking, horseback riding and whitewater rafting to skiing in winter. Quaint Central Avenue charms visitors with a taste of historic Montana.

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