NW Prime Time one of many bright spots in Edmonds Visit

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Here's the family enjoying the Edmonds beach, a short walk from downtown. Barbara is sitting on the log. In front of her are, from the left, son-in-law Ed, daughter Misha, granddaughters Mia, Talula, Bella, and far right, grandson Max.


My wife Barbara and I, who live in Worcester, Mass, are in Edmonds visiting our daughter and four grandkids (of ten), and today, I happened to pick up NW Prime Time. Soon to be 76, I was naturally interested in the subject matter but got a big surprise: the quality of the writing. It is superb.

The poems in your Writing Corner were so good, I had to reread them to make sure they were for real. I am also a writer and have been publishing a blog, patientsprogress.blogspot.com. for nearly, hard to believe, ten years. I have also published several e-books.

In my blog, I brag that I'm going to live to age 120—I know, too full of myself—and have written dozens of stories about the kind of lifestyle that can lead to super old age. With appropriate credit, you are welcome to use any of these stories, along with photos, in your book.

I will look forward to your book.


George Pollock

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