Tips on Coping With Dry Skin This Winter Season

Your skin speaks a lot about you, apart from the fact that it is your first form of identity. This makes it necessary to keep it in its best condition all the time, every season. The following tips will be handy in your quest to maintain that beautiful look by coping with dry skin this winter.

Cultivate a Habit of Face Washing Before Bedtime

This is very essential as it helps you to manage dry skin, especially in winter. During the day, there are plenty of things that interfere with the condition of the skin, which include sunscreens and dirt. The makeup applied early in the morning is also supposed to be gotten rid off in the night hours. Other things that are removed by the simple washing include bacteria, accumulated oil and dead skin cells. When all these are left unattended to for too long, they cause inflammation in the pores.

Choice of a Face Cleanser

A gentle cleanser is best when used in combination with moisturizers. The two are great tools for helping your face t look smooth. Additionally, use fragrance-free cleansers which do not contain alcohol and chemicals. Avoid anything to do with exfoliant compounds like the glycolic acid. At this point, you should also note that not all the cleansers are compatible and friendly with your skin.

Water Use

Without a doubt, baths are an important part of any home. They add moisture to the skin, thus leaving it in good condition. Whereas this is good, the same baths can also be agents of skin dryness. For illustration, take the case of hot baths which help in drying the facial fats away from the skin. You should thus use warm water with cleansers and limit the dryness.

Scrubbers Aren't Necessary

Having a dry skin doesn't mean that you have to lose yourself in buying expensive facial scrubs. There is a cheaper way of bringing the situation under control other than the irritating scrub. Simply use hands and wash the face gently with some warm water.

Face and Hands Dampening

Ideally, the first thing that you need to do before washing your face is to wash your hands. Hands are carriers of germs that might make the situation worse. After this, you should now dampen them together with the face with tepid water.

A Light Touch is Enough for Cleansing

Applying of excess cleanser does not make the situation any better in managing a dry skin in seasons like winter. A gentle squeeze is all you need to work the miracles. Apply it evenly, though. When doing this, use circular motions to rub against the skin with your fingers.

Patting Is the Best, Not Rubbing

Rubbing causes abrasion that eventually leads to inflammation of the skin. Just do simple rinsing and pat with a dry washcloth, cotton, or towel. This helps you to leave some moisture on the skin surface.

There you are, now set to transform your skin. Winter can be tricky especially with a dry skin. By investing in the above tips and tricks, you can easily keep your skin moist all through, thereby achieving an indefinite young and attractive face.

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