Find Exciting New Places to Celebrate Winter Around The World

December 7, 2013 at 6:00 a.m.
Nuremburg Christmas Market
Nuremburg Christmas Market

The traditional winter travel destination of a sandy, sunny beach can seem appealing on a bleak snowy day. There is only so much variation to a beach get away, though. If you are finding yourself bored to tears with Margaritaville, why not expand your winter travel horizons to include a few destinations that embrace the season and its festivities.



Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

Although the Far East is not usually first to come to mind for winter or holiday themed attractions each year a few days following Christmas, the Chinese town of Harbin is transformed into a winter wonderland as snow and ice artists from around the world begin creating some of the world's most beautiful ice sculptures. During the day you can tour the ice gardens to view the ice and snow art or enjoy Alpine style ski slopes at Yabuli. At night, the ice gardens take on a new charm as the sculptures light up for an evening of enchantment.

World Ski and Snowboard Festival

For those with a sporting interest this ski and snowboarding festival in Whistler, Canada, brings together the best of both sports and winter festivities. Whistler is known for its outstanding ski resorts, and they really throw open the doors each year for this event. Not only are the days filled with exciting ski and snowboarding competitions and exhibitions, but the night life is just as exciting as many local attractions encourage visitors with special events and guests.

Amsterdam Light Festival

Let's face it, Amsterdam is fun any time of year, but December 6 th through January 19 th the city takes on an extra special charm as they light up the streets with millions of luminescent displays. The displays range from whimsical and dreamy to downright psychedelic. After enjoying the various displays and events the night life goes on and on in this ultimate party city.

Nuremburg Christmas Market

If you want that traditional Christmas feel without being "home for the holidays" Germany is your destination. The Nuremburg Christmas Market turns the town of Nuremburg, Germany into the ultimate winter wonderland. Nearly two million visitors will descend upon the town to shop quaint wooden holiday stalls filled with Christmas decorations, food and anything your heart could want. Strolling the snowy streets drinking mulled wine is the essence of the holidays in Europe.

Trivoli Gardens

If you want the feel of a European Christmas Market with a little added adventure, make you way to Trivoli Gardens, Denmark. Here you will find all of the enchantment of German markets with the added twist of a European carnival thrown in. Swings, carousels, Christmas bands and some of the best holiday food the world has to offer.

With so many options for winter travel, a day at the beach just does not seem like quite the holiday it used to be. Open yourself up to a new kind of winter adventure this year. Instead of hiding from the snow and the season, embrace winter this year with one of these exciting travel destinations.

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