Special considerations for traveling overseas with the grandkids

Tips for grandparents traveling with kids

There's nothing like time spent with the grandkids to keep you on your toes and make you feel years younger. Lots of grandparents love the opportunity to have the grandkids visit them for long weekends, extended holidays, and of course for longer visits during summer break which may even allow for vacation time together.

Having the chance to take the grandkids out of the country on vacation with you is sure to be quite an adventure that all of you will remember for a lifetime. Although traveling with kids often presents certain challenges, with a little knowledge of safety travel tips and pointers for a stress free flight, your overseas trip with the grandkids can be a breeze.

Here are a few tips for traveling with kids that can help make the long trip go smoothly for the kids and grandparents. Also included are some safety travel tips so everyone gets there safe, sound, and in one piece!

Tips for Traveling with Kids

  • SimpleMom.net suggests that you throw the normal routine right out of the window! It works best for the sanity of everyone involved if you can be more flexible and go with the flow a little more while traveling long distances with kids. Allowing them to have video game time, watch movies on the airplane, or jam to their iPods can really go along way to help the time fly by for them (and you!)
  • Safety travel tips from KidsCanTravel.com for traveling abroad include keeping a close eye on the grandkids at all times. Be sure to hold their hands while walking in crowded areas and do not allow them to go out alone.
  • It is much better to fly at night with kids. This may help the kids relax and will avoid you having to entertain and keep them occupied!
  • Carry a recent picture of your grandkids with you when you travel and make sure they all have identification cards with contact information with them at all times.

If you follow some of these simple tips for traveling with kids, you can all have a much more relaxed and enjoyable trip abroad and return home with plenty of great memories to share.

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