4 reasons not to get breast augmentation

Though there is a substantial argument for and against breast lifts, the ultimate determining factor is the health of the surgery candidate, not necessarily the age.

While it seems that younger women are the most obvious candidates for breast augmentation, women over 50 are showing their interest in the procedure as well. Older women, who may have lost some of the "perks" of youth, are seeking breast lifts in an effort to regain the firmer appearance of their younger days.

Many life factors make women over 50 the perfect candidates for breast lifts and augmentation such as gravity, past pregnancies, lumpectomies, and other issues that can cause changes in the breasts which can cause them to sag and lose their shape. More older women are looking to breast augmentation and breast lifts for a more youthful look, which raises the question, what are the cosmetic surgery risks and benefits to consider?

Although there is no doubt that a breast lift can help raise confidence and make you physically look better, women over 50 should have realistic expectations and totally understand all of the cosmetic surgery risks and benefits before the final decision is made to have the surgery. Though there is a substantial argument for and against breast lifts, the ultimate determining factor is the health of the surgery candidate, not necessarily the age. Before any woman considers breast lifts or augmentation, they should be sure that they are healthy with no serious immune system deficiencies or medical conditions.

Dr. Kristie Leong M.D., a family physician and Yahoo Health contributor, offers a list of many reasons you should not undergo breast augmentation surgery. Here are a few reasons Dr. Leong is against the surgery:

4 reasons women should pass on breast augmentation

  1. Surgery and more surgery -- Believe it or not, about 30% of all women who receive breast augmentation need some sort of corrective surgery within ten years. In fact, the majority of these women will experience capsular contraction, which is when the implants harden because of the scar tissue that forms over them. In addition, about 10% of saline breast implants actually deflate within the first 3 years, which also requires corrective surgery.
  2. Issues detecting breast cancer -- Having breast implants hinder the results of a mammogram and actually make it difficult to properly diagnose and detect breast cancer. The implants can disguise the cancer and it can go unnoticed until later stages, which poses a serious health threat. It is imperative that those with implants have their mammogram films read by a specialist who is familiar with dealing with patients with implants.
  3. Yes, it really hurts -- Do not under estimate the pain that is associated with breast augmentation. It is indeed a painful surgery and will definitely require pain medicine, have major side effects, and can present serious complications during the recovery period.
  4. It is expensive! - Breast augmentation and breast lifts cost a good bit of money. There is the cost of the surgery, the anesthesiologist, and often times you even have to pay for the cost of using an operating room for the procedure. The typical cost is upwards of $5,000 or more.

Only you can decide if breast augmentation is the correct choice for you. Set up a consultation to talk to a well qualified surgeon, do your research, and chat with others who have been through the process to see how they feel about their choice before making yours.

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