Getting effective skin treatment without surgery

Natural skin treatment: Made for a woman but works for a man

The concept of natural skin treatment is sometimes limited by gender. Perhaps men do not normally focus on skin care, but if there is a remedy for a nose that is blemished by black pits, red bumps and scaly rashes, why not use it?

5 top non-surgical skin treatments for anyone with a desire to look better:

1) Botox

Even the Geico cavemen have heard of this natural skin treatment. The Botox beauty procedure consists of botulinum injections directly pumped into the muscles beneath a wrinkle. Botulinum reduces the muscle contractions that often result in wrinkles. It works well on areas abound the brow, the eyes and various frown lines.

Application time: 30 minutes

Cost: $300 to $500

Duration: 4 to 6 months

Potential side effects: Droopy eyelids, head pains and stomach nausea

2) Chemical peels

This home skin treatments program softens wrinkle areas, corrects skin pigmentation, and improves overall skin texture. It often helps erase acne scars and firms up loose skin.

Application time: Up to 2 hours

Cost: Up to $1000

Duration: Permanent

Potential side effects: Scaring, redness, and even a permanent change in skin tone

3) Wrinkle injections

House painters will understand the nature of this natural skin treatment process. It works by smoothing over the existing skin and filling the gaps between wrinkles with various synthetic substances. The process is injection-based and is often used to target the lower portion of the face.

Application time: Quick with results within 30 minutes

Cost: $500 and up

Duration: 6 to 9-plus months

Potential side effects: Lumping, tissue death, temporary burning and redness

4) Microdermabrasion

Chemicals and vacuum suction devices are used to remove the upper layer of skin cells. The process is quick and also adds a textured appearance to the surface of your skin. It is also one of the easiest home skin treatments available.

Application time: 30 minutes

Cost: $150 to $300

Duration: Permanent

Potential side effects: Temporary redness

5) Laser hair removal

This skin treatment uses laser energy to reduce facial hair. It is harmless to the skin but deadly to the underlying hair follicle. The process is also applied to hair on the breasts, legs and even underarms.

Application time: 2 hours

Cost: $500

Duration: Permanent reduction of hair growth

Potential side effects: Itching, redness and swelling confined to the area of treatment

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